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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For The Next 4 Episodes

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WWE taped another four episodes of WWE NXT on Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following taping results:

Dark Match

* Mojo Rawley defeated Danny Burch.

Episode 1:

* They had a backstage vid of The Ascension laid out Corey Graves.

* Tyler Breeze defeated "The Moonchild" CJ Parker after hitting him with his phone.

* Emma defeated Summer Rae via Muta Lock. Summer attacked her after and poured all of Emma's bubbles on her.

* Scott Dawson w/Sylvester Lefort defeated Enzo Amore w/Colin Cassidy when Alexander Rusev came out and attacked Colin, distracting Enzo, and allowed him to pick up the win.

* Sami Zayn came out for an interview and talked about his match with Antonio Cesaro last week. He said he wants to go for the title. Bo Dallas came out and mentioned how his favorite wrestler is John Cena is his favorite but the champ is here. He makes fun of Sami's name and says it is not championship material. Bo says he would love to have a match with him but Zayn hurt him at Summerslam Axxess. He mentions how Zayn needs to become more like him and Zayn mentions how if he means become the champion or a delusional person. Bo says the crowd is yelling his name like BOOOOO. Sami asks what the crowd is saying. They chant boo. Sami says he is here because he is scared. He saw what Sami did with Cesaro. He asks if he is you g to get a shot. Zeb Coulter's music hits. He says Bo doesn't need to answer anything. He says he will expose Sami for what he is and calls him a border jumper. Sami calls it ridiculous. Sami tells him to to back and he says as soon as he is done beating Bo to become the champion he will do what he can to get both Cesaro and Zeb both deported back to Hell. He said these are his words to him: "We the people." Jack Swagger runs through the crowd and attacks him.

* Adrian Neville defeated Conor O'Brian w/Rick Victor via 450 Splash. They attacked Neville after. Graves came out with his ribs taped up and also got laid out.

Episode 2:

* Bayley & Charlotte defeated Alicia Fox & Aksana via rollup by Bayley on Fox.

* Corey Graves w/Adrian Neville defeated Rick Victor w/Conor O'Brian after a roll-up.

* Alexander Rusev w/Scott Dawson & Sylvester Lefort defeated Mason Ryan via Camel Clutch.

* Jack Swagger defeated Sami Zayn via Patriot Lock. Lots of nearfalls. Bo Dallas came out and distracted Sami which led to Swagger locking in the Ankle Lock. Sami received a standing ovation. Bo came back out on the stage and had a stare down with Sami.

Episode 3:

* Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy defeated Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev w/Sylvester Lefort via DQ when Rusev and Dawson were in the ring too long.

* Bo Dallas came out and called all of his bolievers. He said he and Sami are very good friends and that he is Sami's mentor. He also said don't stop bolieving and that he loves the fans and leaves.

* Paige defeated Sasha Banks after countering a move by Sasha into a pin. Paige went for a handshake after and Sasha blew her off then attacked her after and laid her out.

* Xavier Woods defeated Leo Kruger.

Episode 4:

* Sami Zayn defeated Curt Hawkins with his run the ropes DDT.

* Aiden English (debuting his new gimmick of coming out and singing) defeating local and ROH wrestler QT Marshall.

* Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, CJ Parker & Xavier Woods defeated Conor O'Brian, Leo Kruger, Rick Victor & Tyler Breeze. Breeze's partners all walked out on him towards the end and the other team took turns hitting moves with Neville getting the pin on Breeze.

* Mark Henry came out for a promo. Sylvester LeFort interrupted and try bantered until Henry laid him out with a World's Strongest Slam, then one more after the fans said one more time. He said that's what he does to end the show.

Next taping will be on September 12th, 2013 and Rob Van Dam and Fandango will be there.

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