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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For The Next Four Episodes

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
NXT Wrestling

WWE held another set of WWE NXT tapings from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida on Thursday night. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following taping results:

Prior to the show they had a ceremony for the Full Sail Students to celebrate the one year anniversary of WWE and Full Sail. Triple H came out and awarded one of the students with a $10,000 scholarship check. You can view a photo at this link.

Tony Dawson & William Regal came out for commentary. Tom Phillips and Brad Maddox replaced Regal on 5/16 and 5/30.

May 9th, 2013

They had a video saying the Tag Titles would be defended tonight with Bo Dallas subbing for Oliver Grey.

* Damien Sandow defeated Baron Corbin.

He took a mic and issued a challenge for the NXT Championship.

Backstage they had a promo with Neville and Bo. Bo said how much of an honor it was to represent the tag titles and said he would do his best.

* Paige defeated Bayley. Summer laid out Paige after the match.

Big E. Langston had a promo backstage. Damien Sandow interrupted and issued a formal challenge. Big E asked for Sandow to answer some math problems where the final answer ended up being 5. Sandow repeated this until Big E started shouting 5 himself and Sandow backed off.

* Sakamoto and Briley Pierce went to a no contest when Conor O'Brian came out and beat up both of them.

* Kassius Ohno defeated Camacho via rolling kick that got botched then a cravats submission.

Ohno took a mic and he apologized to William Regal. Wyatt Family's music hit and Rowan & Harper stared at Ohno as they walked to the ring. Wyatt and Ohno then had a stated own on the stage before Rowan and Harper attacked Ohno. Wyatt then hit his finisher on Ohno on the stage. Harper and Rowan came into the ring for their match.

* The Wyatt Family (Rowan and Luke Harper) w/Bray Wyatt defeated Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas to win the NXT Tag Team Titles. Bo accidentally took out Neville and Harper & Rowan took advantage with Harper getting the pin on Bo.

May 16th, 2013

* Summer Rae defeated Natalya via roll-up. Paige came out roger on the apron and Summer shoved Natalya into Paige then rolled her up. Paige chased Summer to the back.

* Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family defeated Danny Burch.

Prior to the match Bray cut a promo. He was wearing a white hard mask. Said something along the lines of Jericho made him want to wear since Jericho made him feel ugly.

* In a handicap match, Conor O'Brian defeated Sakamoto and Briley Pierce via double flapjack.

Rick Victor came on the stage and looked at Conor post match.

* In an NXT Title Match, Big E. Langston defeated Damien Sandow via The Big End. He hit it again for a five count.

May 23rd, 2013

* Sami Zayn (the former El Generico) defeated Curt Hawkins via running up the ropes holding Curt's hand into a tornado DDT.

* Antonio Cesaro defeated Yoshi Tatsu via Neutralizer.

Cesaro said he puts the W in WWE. He said he is better than everyone on Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam and especially NXT. He said there is no competition. This brought out Sami Zayn who said there is plenty of competition. Sami spoke French at one point after Cesaro spoke Swiss and Sami challenged him to a match.

* Sami Zayn defeated Antonio Cesaro via roll-up.

Post match, Cesaro attacked Zayn and laid him out with a Neutralizer.

* Mason Ryan squashed Enzo Amore.

* Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family defeated Corey Graves with help from The Wyatt Family. They attacked Corey after until Kassius Ohno ran out or the save but The Wyatt Family overwhelmed him as we'll.

Dusty Rhodes announced at the next taping on May 23rd they will start a tournament to crown a new Divas Champion.

May 30th, 2013

* Emma defeated Audrey Marie via Muta Lock. Towards the beginning Emma wanted her music played again but Audrey attacked her.

* Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan w/Sylvester Lefort defeated Jake Carter and Brandon Traven via a spinebuster/diving double axe handle legdrop combo. Dawson and Dylan had a redneck-type gimmick coming out with hats, leather vests, and a country theme song.

* The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) squashed Travis Tyler and Sawyer Fulton in a non-title match.

* Big E. Langston defeated Derrick Bateman in a non-title match bar laid him out with the big end for the five count repeatedly. Big E joined the commentary booth.

* Bo Dallas won an NXT battle royal to win the #1 contendership last eliminating Adrian Neville. Big E Langston came in the ring and stared at Bo.

The combatants all started off in the battle royal.
Mason Ryan*
Bo Dallas*
Adrian Neville*
Kassius Ohno*
Bray Wyatt*
Corey Graves*
Conor O'Brian
Bret Pierce
Knuckles madden
Yoshi Tatsu
Curt Hawkins
Dante Dash
Sami Zayn
Baron Corbin
Mono Raeley
Aiden English
Alexander Rusev

* = received entrance music

Damien Sandow came out and said he would like to present the next step to cleasing the unwashed masses: The Damien Sandow Show! The cage lowering music plays and a table is lowered and a chair is placed for Sandow along with a red phone on the table. He said his first guest is the WWE Champion: John Cena. Sandow asked how he will deal with Ryback at Extreme Rules. The phone on the table rings. Sadie tells it says silence. It rings again. Cena answers. Sandow takes it and tells it silence. He throws it out of the ring again. Crowd chants "it's your mom". Sandow asks the crowd to not disgrace mother Sandow. He tells Cena he gets to hear him perform. Cena says that phone call was very important and that it was his cable company calling about his after hours PPVs. Sandow says it was documentary ppvs. It rings again and Cena made some comments until Sandow made him hang up.

Next NXT taping is on May 23rd, 2013.

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