*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results From The Campus Of Full Sail University In Winter Park, FL

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NXT Wrestling

WWE taped three episodes of NXT Wrestling Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following results:

* Tony Dawson & William Regal were introduced.

Dark Match(?)

* Natalya Neidhart defeated Charlotte via Sharpshooter.

WWE NXT on February 14, 2013:

* Axl Keegan vs Mike Dalton was about to happen. Summer was doing ring intros and it caused Paige to come out and she chased Summer away. She said the show was not going on until she faced Summer in the ring. She slapped Axl and he and Dalton went to the back. Dusty came out and said she was not going to hold the show hostage and he told her to get out of the ring. Summer came out to the stage and said she is the First Lady of NXT and this is her show. Paige ran up the ramp and the two brawled but were separated by refs.

* Corey Graves defeated Alex Riley via Fuller Lock.

* Summer Rae defeated Paige. Paige's shoulder was taped up and at one point Summer isolated that in the ropes before pinning Paige with a spinning wheel kick.

* Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey (British Ambition) defeated Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (The Wyatt Family) to become the first NXT Tag Team Champions. During the match, Bray Wyatt got sent to the back. Adrian got the pin on Harper via Corkscrew Shooting Star Press. Tony Dawson interviewed them after the match and Dusty raised their hands up.

* Damien Sandow came out for a promo and insulted the fans and NXT. Dusty came out and asked Sandow to come back at the next taping on February 21st and there, he will face Randy Orton.

WWE NXT for February 21, 2013:

* Bray Wyatt w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

Bray brought them in the ring and asked Rowan how could they lose? He said Harper was the one to cause them to lose the belts and asked Rowan to hit Harper. Rowan hit him. Bray then said to Luke doesn't your back hurt from carrying Rowan his whole life. The two punched each other a few times and Bray was glad that they could work this out and the three of them went to the back.

* Xavier Woods defeated El Local via Tornado DDT.

* Audrey Marie defeated Sasha Banks via a face buster.

* Tyson Kidd came out on crutches and was interviewed in the ring by Tony Dawson, including commenting on CM Punk calling himself one of the more underrated workhorses in WWE. Leo Kruger came out and said he will end Tyson's career. He calls him weak and vulnerable. He said he should have stayed away. He kicked one of Kidd's crutches out. Justin Gabriel stormed the ring and Leo bailed.

* Big E. Langston and Conor O'Brian went to a double disqualification when the ref got in between the two punching. Corey Graves ran in the ring while Big E held up the belt and took the belt from him.

WWE NXT February 28, 2013:

* Justin Gabriel w/Tyson Kidd defeated Leo Kruger via 450 Splash.

Post match, Kruger laid out Gabriel then took one of Kidd's crutches and threw it before going to the back.

* Aksana defeated Emma via Spinebuster.

* Corey Graves and Conor O'Brian in a #1 contender's match went to a no contest when The Shield interfered. Dean Ambrose took a mic and says this is a reminder to keep your guard up and this is what happens when you are brought to justice by The Shield. Seth Rollins said things are going to get better but before they do, they have got to get worse. Ask Sheamus, John Cena, or Ryback how bad things can get. Reigns said they are always watching. No one is outside of their reach and they better believe in The Shield.

* Ricardo Rodriguez and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio came out. He calls everything here fantastic and that both he and Ricardo know that there is a lot of talent here at NXT and he is sure that backstage they have the next World Champion or WWE champion. Antonio Cesaro's music hits. He says they for sure backstage have the greatest US champion of all time Antonio Cesaro. He would like to challenge them to a champion vs champion match tonight. Dusty says that Cesaro can't make the matches but he will give him a champion vs champion match and brings out the NXT Champion Big E. Langston.

* Big E Langston defeated Antonio Cesaro via DQ when Corey Graves ran out and attacked Big E. Conor then ran out and also attacked Big E. Big E made a comeback and laid out both of them with the Big End before counting five. He hit another one on Corey for good measure followed up by one for Conor.

The next NXT taping will be at Full Sail on February 21st with Randy Orton scheduled to wrestle Damien Sandow at the show.

NOTE: Not sure if all of the stuff with ADR, Cesaro & Big E will make air or not. NXT seems to be weird with how they air things like that.

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