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Starrcade Pay-Per-View To Make a Return

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WWE announced on their Twitter account today that Starrcade is returning to Greensboro, NC on Nov. 25. Starrcade was the name of a PPV event in NWA and WCW. When WWE purchased WCW they also purchased the rights to all of their events including Starrcade. They are pushing the event hard. The event will take place on a Saturday, so it's unclear at this point if WWE will be filming this in advanced for a later day, or if it will air live as a Saturday night event, exclusively on the WWE Network. The line up can be viewed below:


Zack Reacts: Note that with this being the return of a "big name" older PPV, they're likely to change at least one championship during this event. That's not insider info, just a guy feeling. When Vince does something new, or wants to put eyes on something, he'll change a championship as a way to say "hey don't forget to watch these!" My money is on Charlotte winning the Women's Championship. It's in Flair country, Naomi isn't a heel so she doesn't need the heat of beating someone in their hometown, and if Ric is feeling healthy enough for it they'll have him come out to support her.

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