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Steph & Triple H Cheer On Rousey, Backlash Towards Dana White Over "Fake" Comment

Prior to Ronda Rousey’s fight last night, UFC President Dana White struck a chord with several pro wrestling personalities for tweeting, “I hear u bro but fake shit should be 9.99.” We ran the story at this link, explaining the interesting situation with the tweets and Rousey possibly being involved at Wrestlemania 32 next year. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are admitted Rousey fans, as Steph tweeted this prior to the fight:

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The reactions to White’s comments were none too pleased, as you can probably imagine. We’ll recap some below: Click here to load (if not loaded)

Some people are infuriated when people used the word “fake” to describe professional wrestling but I don’t count myself as one of them. We all know the bumps and the injuries that go with them are as real and legitimate as they are in any other form of entertainment. When one uses that particular f-word, it displays a state of ignorance in regards to the business. I am not offended by what White said but more hopeful that WWE will be able to use to comments as further motivation to get Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 32 next year. The followup has to happen!

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