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Stephanie McMahon Delivers Keynote Speech On Day Of Mass WWE Releases

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Stephanie McMahon delivered the keynote speech at the 2014 Event & Arena Marketing Conference in NOLA on Thursday. Stephanie noted on Twitter that it was her first time in New Orleans since Wrestlemania 30. Below is a shot of her speech:

">@WWE keynote. It's all about the live event.

— Joe K. (@JoeKustelski) June 12, 2014

Stephanie posted this photo on Instagram:

Click here for more on the conference and Stephanie's speech.

Richard Reacts: None of today's releases were particularly surprising but I have to question the timing. Why would WWE publicly announce 10 releases when Stephanie McMahon was scheduled for a keynote speech at a major conference? Further, what does it do for talent morale to see one of the company's top executives smiling from ear to ear on a day where 10 people lost their jobs?

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