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Stephanie McMahon Discusses Biggest Obstacle She's Overcome, Was Meeting Triple H Love At First Sight?, Tremendous Weight Gains

RX Muscle has a new piece online featuring a Q&A with Stephanie McMahon talking about getting back in shape after tremendous weight gains in her pregnancies. The feature also includes a photo of a very pregnant Stephanie. Below are some excerpts:

Biggest obstacle you've overcome? Explain.

From a body standpoint? Losing the baby fat-weight after having each of my children. I think normal weight gain is 35 lbs, I saw fit to double that. I'm the type of person that always has to eat right to be lean, so when I was pregnant the gloves were off and I ate like a champ! We're talking a minimum of 4 pop tarts every morning with eggs and a glass of milk as a staple...

You're the daughter of WWE Head Honcho Vince McMahon. What was it like growing up in a wrestling family? Was your dad always big into working out?

It's hard to say what life was like growing up as "Vince McMahon's daughter". I would watch my dad on Saturday mornings do interviews and I'd watch him commentate with Jesse Ventura on Saturday Night's Main Events. It was just what my dad did; I didn't look at it as anything unusual. It wasn't until I was a little older and the other kids tried to make fun of me that I realized my situation was a little different (I actually kicked a kid in the shins for saying wrestling was fake!). My Dad was always big into working out; he's the one who got me turned on to the gym. He was so intense and trained so hard, it looked like fun!

Was proper nutrition something that was "fed" to you by your dad early on? Did you eat well as a teenager? Did you ever struggle with your weight?

I have always struggled with my weight. Training was big in my family but growing up, nutrition was not. I would eat honey buns for breakfast and drink a 6 pack of Coke during the day. It's not that my parents would have thought that was a good way to eat, they just weren't home enough to monitor what I was eating; they were working most of the time trying to build their business. I ate good food too don't get me wrong, my mom is one hell of a cook, but the bad food was always around for the taking.

How did you meet your husband, WWE Superstar Triple H? Was it love at first site?

We were married on TV as a fictional couple and life just imitated art...It wasn't love at first site, but I bet you could call it chemistry at first site. I have never been more attracted to anyone in my entire life! He would just look at me and I would blush; still happens to this day actually...

When you decided you wanted to have kids, was it very traumatic knowing your body was gonna get all "out of shape"? How did you deal with that reality?

I wanted to be a mom more than anything else in the world; it didn't matter to me what I had to go through to have my children. The reality is that I have three, gorgeous, intelligent, vivacious, funny, and thoroughly entertaining daughters! They truly are what life is all about.

How hard was it getting back into shape after daughter #1? Daughter #2? Daughter #3?

HARD! I gained 80 pounds with my first daughter, Aurora. 80 POUNDS!!! It took me a year to take it off; I went to a nutritionist and the diet really only got me so was o.k. but I can only eat so many raw vegetables! After Murphy and Vaughn were born I discovered Dave Palumbo who helped me with my diet and strength and conditioning coach, Joe Defranco, who helped me transform my body in the gym. I would never have known a keto diet and steady state cardio on top of strength and conditioning training would be the keys to my success.

Do you ever work out with your husband, Triple H, or do you guys do your own workouts?

We train at the same time but we do our own workouts. Joe Defranco trains us both so we do similar type of exercises (only my husband uses a lot more weight!). It's helpful to have my husband there with me; he is very motivating to me and I hope I am to him!

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