Stephanie McMahon Excited To Work With Angle; Josh Mathews Compares WWE To Impact

Josh Mathews

Stephanie McMahon Excited To Work With Kurt Angle

During a Women in Leadership panel in Dubai in which Stephanie McMahon spoke with the National, she promoted the new weekly "Wal3ooha" Arabic WWE show. Stephanie also talked about coming back at some point to work with Kurt Angle:

"I can't wait to work with Kurt. Kurt is so entertaining. He is really funny. I think it is going to be so much fun and hopefully having that interaction and this time the situation is a little bit different as I am the boss."

Stephanie also said she is not sure when she will return to TV.

Josh Mathews Compares WWE To Impact Wrestling

Josh Mathews was recently interviewed and questioned about the differences between working for the WWE and Impact Wrestling. Here is what he said:

"Here there's a little more freedom, a little more leeway, a little more opportunity. The potential for growth is so much more. WWE is a well-oiled machine that's been around for so many years. We're about half their age when you look at the 15th Anniversary of Slammiversary taking place on Sunday, July 2nd. So, we're not trying to replicate them but do our thing in the same sort of entertainment world."

He also talked about a few Impact stars leaving recently, stating that guys are always going to want to test the waters in other places before they find out where they truly want to be in the business. Mathews remained remarkably diplomatic in the interview compared to some of his more recent outbursts on Twitter towards former announcers and/or talent.


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