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Stephanie McMahon Praises The Big Show, The Miz States What He Said To Public Relations When Entering WWE

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Stephanie McMahon Praise

Chief Branding Officer of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon published a new article on the Huffington Post. The article describes WWE's relationship with the Special Olympics USA Games. As we noted, Big Show has been part of the opening ceremony over the weekend. Stephanie went on to praise Big Show. Below is an excerpt of the article:

One of the best "coaches" is WWE Superstar, Big Show. Big Show is a legitimate "giant" who had the medical condition acromegaly resulting in his massive size. Big Show is no stranger to adversity and learned at a young age how to ignore those who judged him and truly celebrate his uniqueness. Big Show uses his past experience to motivate the athletes and has said his involvement with Special Olympics is one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

You can read the full article at this link.

The Miz Interview

The Miz was interviewed by to promote a WWE live event show in Philadelphia this weekend. In the interview, Miz revealed what he said to public relations when he first entered the company:

"When I first came to the WWE, I went to the talent relations department and I said, ‘Listen, if you have any interviews that nobody wants to do, if you have any TV spots, anything, I will fly anywhere, anytime to do every radio spot."

The Miz also talks about the 11 WWE releases that occured last week. Click here to check out the full interview.

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