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Stephanie McMahon Talks About Possible WWE Reconciliation w/CM Punk

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Stephanie McMahon appeared on WGN 9 News in Chicago on Monday morning to promote this week's episode of WWE Raw in the city. Below are the highlights from the interview:

  • Stephanie said that Andre the Giant was her best friend and talked about a picture in her office where she was sitting on his lap during the after party at Wrestlemania I.
  • Stephanie talked about her parents, Vince and Linda McMahon, instilling an attitude of giving back in her growing up. She said on tonight's Raw the company is launching their third campaign with Susan G Komen called Courage, Conquer & Cure. Stephanie talked about the company "going pink" as part of the campaign.
  • Stephanie said "she was on the card," when asked who was advertised for tonight's Raw. She said she plays a villain or a bad guy but that's not her [as a person]. Stephanie talked about the outcomes of matches being predetermined but how physical the action is.
  • Asked if she was hopeful for a WWE reconciliation with CM Punk, Stephanie said CM Punk "is an incredible character." She said they "had a lot of fun with him" and "who knows" what the future holds.
  • Stephanie said her and Triple H have a line of fitness DVDs that come out in November.

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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