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Stephanie McMahon On Vince Getting Death Threats, Memoir Delayed

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Fortune interviewed Stephanie McMahon Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in Laguna Niguel, California on Wednesday. Below are some excerpts:

Vince McMahon receiving death threats:

"He was invading their territories, and getting better television coverage. He thought he had the better product, and ultimately, he did, and they didn't take to kindly to that. He told me a great story about a threat from a notorious gangster and being in this room, this old hotel, with the dark wooden panel walls and this big oversized man with a very unattractive face. He was threatening my Dad's life and my Dad was willing to stand up to him and all these different people to make his dreams come true.”

Why her memoir has been delayed:

“I’m personally reassessing. It was originally supposed to be a memoir. But as the first book from my family, it needed to be so much more. I want to make it bigger and better. I gotta tell my family's story.”

A video of the interview is included below:

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