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Steve Austin On How To Borrow A Finisher, Kevin Owens Using It

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Steve Austin

Steve Austin was on a recent media promotion for his Broken Skull Challenge TV show and talked a little bit about the correct way to utilize a past wrestler's finishing move:

“There’s different ways to go about it. Sometimes people will check with other guys. I’m down with anybody using the Stunner. I would prefer that it be used as a used a finisher, and not as the current routine with the DDT, where it’s basically one of the lamest false-finishes in the business after being one of the most devastating finishers in the history of the business.”

This would explain why he wasn't thrilled with John Cena using the springboard stunner as a false finish for a short period of time nor was he happy that Roman Reigns kicked out of it as a transitional move when Kevin Owens hit him with it during a Universal Championship match.

However, Austin did remark that Owens had texted him and asked his permission to use it to which Austin responded that of course he could do so.


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