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Steve Austin Comments On CM Punk Signing With UFC

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Steve Austin’s interview with Vince McMahon that aired on the WWE Network last week was posted on Tuesday on his Podcast One page. You can listen at this link.

Prior to that, Steve Austin commented on CM Punk signing with UFC.

Austin stated he wishes Punk all the luck in the world and knows they’re going to do a “helluva damn buyrate.” He said at the end of the day, if you’re selling tickets, that’s a good day at the office. Austin said they’ll have to match him up with someone of his skill level but it’s hard to know where his skill level is.

He said right after he talked to Vince McMahon [on the WWE Network], he had talked about bridging the gap with CM Punk and Vince and then he goes and does the deal with UFC. Austin said it would appear to him they’re way further apart than he thought they were. He knew things were bad and hadn’t talked to CM Punk but Joe Rogan said Punk is going to fight in 2015.

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