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Steve Austin Discusses Career Regrets, Working Stiff With Vince McMahon, More

Steve Austin

Steve Austin recently took part in an "Ask Me Anything" Q&A session on Reddit and spoke on a variety of topics surrounding his WWE career and more. Some notable excerpts are below:

On whether he has any regrets regarding his career:

"i wish i had not walked out of the company when i did...bad decision."

On how much long he would have wrestled, had it not been for his neck injury:

"maybe another 5-6 years..."

On what life was like after leaving WWE:

"took a while to deal with it. it was damn hard."

On how much Jim Ross meant to his career:

"Jim Ross is a close personal friend who helped me through some hard times and gave great advice when i needed it. I dont know that i would have had the career i had without his help. Not many people walking around on planet Earth know the business like Jim. I truly value his and Jans friendship."

On his work with Vince McMahon and whether he was worried about going "too far" during beatdowns:

"everything i did with vince was done with lots of physicality. it was the only way to do that kind of business. lots of potatoes from both sides.(more from me)...Vince is a tough SOB. bottom line."

On WWE's PG direction:

"the direction WWE has taken is the right direction as far as continued main stream growth. believe me, the company is making money."

On why he was not known for coming off the top rope:

"tore my tricep off my elbow jumping off the top rope in japan in about 1994...Figured i better keep my dumb ass on the mat."

On "What?" chants:

"i cant believe the WHAT chants are still around. some people hate it. some people love it. go figure. WHAT!?"

On his favorite WrestleMania match against The Rock:


On what he was saying as he talked to himself while walking toward the ring, and whether cursing was involved:

"yes. it was. i was extremely energized by the crowd reaction and at my competitive best, i was a laser guided missile that went out to do one thing-ENTERTAIN THE CROWD AND KICK ASS..MAKE PEOPLE GLAD THEY SPENT THEIR MONEY ON A TICKET, GOT THEIR MONEYS WORTH...AND WANTED TO COME BACK NEXT TIME WE WERE IN TOWN TO SEE IT ALL AGAIN. many thanks to all of you for coming to the shows. i had a damn blast. it was a pleasure and an honor to work for you."

On potentially having his own hunting show like Shawn Michaels:

"i am currently laying some ground work for a hunting show...stay tuned."

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