Steve Austin Doing DDP Yoga, HBK's Role At Upcoming WWE Live Events

Steve Austin Doing DDP Yoga

When one thinks of Steve Austin the word yoga probably doesn't come to mind but Diamond Dallas Page told The Temple News that his good friend Stone Cold has agreed to give it a try for a month while filming "Redneck Island."

“One of my very good buddies, Stone Cold Steve Austin, has agreed to do it for a month while filming ‘Redneck Island,’” Page said. “His Hollywood stunt man swears by DDP Yoga. Steve lifts weights and does cardio for an hour a day, five days a week. I told him you only need to do my workout 20 minutes a day for three days a week and it will replace your cardio. He had to ask others for confirmation, even though the son of a gun lived with me.”

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Shawn Michaels at WWE Live Events

We reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that Shawn Michaels has been added to upcoming WWE live events in May. He revealed on Twitter that he'll be appearing with The New Age Outlaws. The following is from the official Twitter account of Shawn Michaels:

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