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Steve Austin Not Interested In Discussing 'Mania, Jim Ross Excited For WWE Performance Center

- WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stated on Twitter on Thursday that he is presently not interested in discussing the possibility of a return match at next year's WrestleMania.

Austin, who today is recording the latest edition of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, asked that fans not ask him questions concerning the pay-per-view extravaganza or even The Shield when calling into the show: "Headed to studio to do a #steveaustinshow. Will tweet out phone number to studio for you to call in and ask questions. I will not be answering WM30, comeback, or the Shield questions. Focus on current events or advice type questions."

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- Jim Ross is quite excited for the launch of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this summer, a 26,000 square foot facility that will house seven training rings, a world-class gym, state-of-the-art edit and production equipment, and serve as the company's official developmental base.

He wrote Thursday on Twitter, "Toured the new, WWE PERFORMANCE CENTER today. It's due to open in a few weeks but will be a difference maker. Absolutely spectacular!"

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