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Steve Austin On Leaving WWE, Why He Doesn't Do Many Movies, Not Wrestling Again

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ABC News has a new piece online featuring quotes from Steve Austin where he talks about his life after his career in the ring for WWE. Below are the highlights:

Leaving pro wrestling:

"My exit strategy from pro wrestling wasn't carved in stone," he admitted. "I retired because of a few neck issues, some neurological issues ... and finally after about three years of hunting and fishing, I said to myself, 'Steve you need to get off you a** and get to L.A.' When you wrestle for 15 years, you don't want to go back to driving that forklift. Based on the name value I had, I went to L.A. and got involved in independent movies."

Why he doesn't do many movies:

"I really don't do too many movies any more because memorizing words on a page is painful to me," he said. "But I love the reality stuff."

Will he ever return to the ring?

"Naw man, I'm done. I'd rather leave well enough alone," he said.

CLICK HERE to read the ABC News piece in its entirety.

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