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Steve Austin Responds To Hogan Calling Him A Coward

Rolling Stone has a fascinating article online featuring quotes from Steve Austin. The piece is done to promote Monday’s post-Raw interview with Vince McMahon on the WWE Network.

Below are some of the highlights:

Updates on interviewing Hulk Hogan and/or Undertaker:

The last time I talked to Hulk was at SummerSlam, but I didn't even bring up the podcast because we were just sitting in the hallway. Now he's been making the rounds calling me a coward, trying to get a match out of me [laughs], so I've not talked to Hulk Hogan. When I asked Undertaker to be on the show it was right before he went to the ring at WrestleMania 30. Of course, the streak was broken that night and I haven't heard from him since. We've never really traded phone calls or text messages, there's just a lot of mutual respect there.

Does he think Hogan is having fun or seriously trying to coerce a match out of him:

I think he's doing both. It's interesting. Maybe on the live show I'll have a retort.

Thoughts on Sting’s WWE debut:

I saw him at the WWE 2K15 panel that I hosted and I was excited to see him there because I'm a big fan. He's had a hellacious run. Some people didn't consider him to be Hall of Fame worthy because of the fact that he'd never been in WWE before. To me it's a no-brainer. When I came to WCW he had been there for several years and was the top guy, so to finally see him come in, dressed in the black and white, I was blown away.

The face-to-face with him and Triple H, they just let it build and build. Triple H tried to sell the big right hand, block, there's the kick and the damage is done, then he hits his finish. I loved it. I'm a fan of good stuff inside the squared circle and it was a good story. The Authority had really built how they needed to win that night in a really long-winded promo by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. They were setting the table for Sting. All of the guys in that match worked their asses off, and I really enjoyed the work between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler as they went into the finish.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

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