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Steve Austin On Working With Vince McMahon, Not Liking His First WWE Title & More

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Steve Austin

Steve Austin talked to about his legendary battle with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14 when he won his very first WWE Championship:

"We were in Boston at the Fleet Center. I wrestled the one and only Shawn Michaels. We didn't know if Shawn was going to get in the ring. He wasn't really in a good place at that time. In his head, in his back, he was beat up, battered. I was on fire. Tyson came in, he was the X-factor. A lot of outside eyeballs coming into the product. I mean he really brought a lot of attention with him and we were able to capitalize on that but the bottom line was, was the match even going to happen?"

Austin talked about Vince McMahon originally wanting him to do something with Mike Tyson in the ring:

"Hey man, I was 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, alright? This was way back in the day. When I'm 'Stone Cold" Steve Austin I'm in 150%. I was smart enough to know my place. My role is in a WWE 20x20, I got no business going up against Mike Tyson and killing everything that I built up by him knocking my ass out within 20 seconds of the bell ringing."

Austin wasn't psyched about the performance of Michaels or himself during the match either:

"I thought the three count was a little too quick. You want to win that title with a slow, deliberate count of the proper cadence. He hit the mat too fast three times. That would be my only knock about what Mike Tyson did. We didn't get the chance to pull out all the stops. I didn't get the best out of Shawn Michaels and he didn't get the best out of me. I walked right back past the blue curtains and there was Vince. I looked at him and I said, 'Man, that match sucked.' He said, 'Don't worry about it, it all starts fresh tomorrow.' And the nest day, that's where we started that campaign, the kind of Stone Cold thing with Vince McMahon, the corporate thing, and it all started working, all the pieces started falling into place. You always want to knock a grand slam every time you go out there. We didn't but things happened after that and that's what you do to move forward. You look past the match, put it behind us, I now have a championship, focus on things and move forward. That's what we did."

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