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Sting Addresses His Future, Clarifies Surgery Status, Will He Wrestle Again?

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sting-raw-reunion-wwe posted an interview with Sting where he addressed rumors regarding his health head-on. Below are the highlights:

I actually did not have surgery. Two neurologists [Dr. Joseph Maroon and one in Houston] were saying the same thing. The side effects you’re supposed to have, I’m not really having any. I’m feeling good [and] completely normal.

Sting said while a lot of people have told him a lot of things, he’s feeling good so he’s not doing anything. He said everyone has told him not to have surgery unless he absolutely has to.

Sting wanted to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 and the injuries he sustained in his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Night of Champions against Seth Rollins changed that.

When asked if we’ll ever see him wrestle again, he finished with:

I have to say it: The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure.

CLICK HERE to read the piece by in its entirety.

While I know there will continue to be a lot of rumors and speculation, I standby our February 21, 2016 WNW Premium report that both John Cena and Sting were ready and willing to face Undertaker this year.

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