Sting Makes Cryptic Tweets, Points To 07.14.14


Sting, who hasn't used his verified Twitter account since April, posted the following cryptic Tweets on Tuesday:

On July 14, 2014, WWE will hold their live Monday Night Raw taping from The Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia. Whether or not Sting's cryptic Tweets are any way connected with WWE is unknown at this time.

We can confirm WWE and Sting are working together as was evident with WWE's plans for a Sting DVD in September and a casting call last month, where the company sought after an "Orchestra" to tape a segment with Sting face paint.

Richard Reacts: Let's add some notes. As mentioned above, WWE filmed a promo featuring an “Orchestra” -- in Sting facepaint -- on June 16, 2014. This was believed to be for inclusion in either DVD promotion or the DVD (set for September release) itself. We've also mentioned there's a possibility there could be a Sting/WWE 2K15 related announcement. I wouldn't expect Sting to spoil a surprise appearance at next week's Raw in Richmond, however, there's no way we can run this story without connecting the obvious.

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