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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, & Sheamus On Whether "YES!" Is Replacing "WHAT?"

The official WWE website has an article with quotes from Daniel Bryan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, & Sheamus over the "YES!" phenomenon, and whether it is becoming the new "WHAT?"

When asked via Twitter if Austin believes that "WHAT?" is being replaced, Austin replied "YES! YES! YES!"

Daniel Bryan weighed in with the excerpt below:

"I think [Austin] was probably just placating fans. There’s a percentage of the WWE Universe that likes things they’re not supposed to like, and they’re responsible for the 'YES!' chants."

Sheamus had the following to say:

"YES!" chants show how vocal our fans are. Whether they’re getting behind Daniel Bryan or whether they’re mocking him ... it just shows that the WWE Universe wants to be heard.

Click here to read the full article.

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