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Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Return To The Ring, Daniel Bryan Talks Veganism

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austinhad the following to say to ZooToday in an interview about what it would take for him to return to the ring:

A lot of zeros… you know, if the right situation, the right opponent and the right circumstances came up for the WWE, then it would certainly be something worth considering. Could I have another match or two? Yeah. Physically I am in really good shape right now. People seem to think I am half-dead!

- WNW reader Fernando sent in an article from The Huffington Post with quotes from Daniel Bryan, in which he discusses his vegan lifestyle and more. Bryan had the following to say about his health since the switch to a vegan diet:

"My health is so much better. I'm bigger now than I was eating meat. My lifts in the gym are better. I'm in better shape. A lot of people thought you couldn't be a top-level athlete as a vegan, but people like Mac Danzig and Jake Shields are proving that's wrong. And it's better for me as a performer. The other wrestlers just think it's weird. They don't understand it."

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