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Storyline Injury Update On Dean Ambrose

The storyline injury update on Dean Ambrose is that he was “transported to local media facility” following Bray Wyatt’s “attack” on Smackdown.

In WWE’s coverage here on dot com, they note the following:

"As you saw on SmackDown, Bray Wyatt struck Dean Ambrose in the neck with a chair, and as a result of that, he had sustained brunt and crushing trauma to the front part of his neck," Dr. Amann told "There are many vital structures there including the windpipe and the trachea. Our initial diagnosis was a crushed trachea with inflammation or a tracheal contusion."

After being diagnosed, Ambrose was taken to a local medical facility, where he will be observed and examined further.

"We monitored his oxygen levels and gave him oxygen, transported him to a local medical facility where he will be monitored to make sure that the swelling doesn't compromise his breathing, and we will have updates as they are available," Dr. Amann revealed.

There was a lot of talk about WWE doing a stretcher job with Ambrose in the segment taped Tuesday in Oklahoma City but I am unaware of a legitimate injury occurring. I noted as much in the latest Premium Podcast.

I was Tweeted the following photo of Ambrose after this week's taping:

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That photo can be described in one word - epic.

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