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Braun Strowman is taking a short break for elbow surgery.  His estimated timeline for recovery is only 2-4 weeks after having bone spurs removed.  This was the reason we saw Braun get written off television last night.  Braun is still written in for TLC, he'll just likely be out until that time.  The added bonus is that Braun has been healing "the slow way" with some nagging leg injuries.  He had been opting out of taking time off or surgery to repair any smaller problems in his legs.  However, when you continue to work in the ring when you're healing it tends to be two steps forward one step backward.  With Braun taking 2-4 weeks off it will give him time to heal up.  As we reported, Braun is a guy who likes to work and likes to lift. The next several weeks will probably frustrate Braun but in the end it will be in his benefit. 

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