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Welcome everyone back to Wrestling News World! With just about 18 hours past The Biggest Party of the Summer, SummerSlam, join me down below as I go over and review last night’s SummerSlam that was held in Toronto! 

Becky Lynch vs Natalya for the Raw Women’s Championship in a Submission Match 

A strong way to kickoff the night with a home country return for Natalya. The crowd wanted to see Natayla get the victory and the Sharpshooter is super over (Yes I know why). Ultimately, we saw Becky tap out Nattie and that’s because WWE hates to have people win in their hometown or country. Regardless, both women worked hard and it showed. 

Match Rating- B+

Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg 

I was a fan of how this played out. Goldberg came off as such a badass, where Ziggler did not back down once and got face to face with Goldberg. I was expecting a squash (it sort of was), and I did not expect to see Ziggler hit multiple Super Kicks on Goldberg to start the match off. The way Goldberg sold them like he was rocked straight to the mat. When he hit the spear on Ziggler, my gosh I thought Ziggler was going on half. After the match was what made it all for me. Ziggler grabbed a mic and told Goldberg that he hit like a baby, and Goldberg gave him another spear. After going to the back, Ziggler grabbed a mic and talked more, preparing for another Goldberg beat down once more. I had a great time watching this! 

Match Rating- A (It was a segment more than a match, but nonetheless) 

AJ Styles vs Ricochet for the United States Championship

This was definitely a pace changer for when it comes to the two men working the match. Styles kept Ricochet’s high flying offense to a minimum and worked him over the inured leg. The O.C. got involved, Styles capitalized with a sick Styles Clash for the win 

Match Rating- B-

Bayley vs Ember Moon for the Smackdown  Live Women’s Championship  

A Strong outing between both women and my gosh Moon is so talented. I didn’t have any expectations for her to win gold here but she deserves it. I wish we’d see Bayley become this badass heel that will fight anyone at any time. Good match between Moon and Bayley and the right person went over. 

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

WWE has to stop with these, “If I lose, I quit” stipulations. It’s just not believable. Maybe if I was ten years old, but now, not gonna happen. Obviously KO was gonna win. The story played out, KO had the odds stacked against him and he overcame the evil heel, Shane McMahon. I’m not hating on this, I’m just saying it can get old. I love that Owens has a rocket strapped on him, he’s over like rover. Hopefully now we can finally move on from Shane being a vocal point on tv so we can have more opportunities to create more stars. 

Match Rating- B

Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus

Can anyone say dream match? Holy cow what a match this was. I had my doubts about Trish returning for a match against arguably the best female competitor in the wrestling business today, Charlotte Flair. Once that bell rang, all my worry went away as there was no sign of ring rust whatsoever. It was definitely a passing of the torch match, the best of one generation vs the best of another generation. Great match. 

Match Rating- A

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

Kofi and Randy both have great chemistry and such a history together. Good match that had a bad ending in which resulted in the crowd delivering backlash for it. The count out or whatever happened was bad and killed the entire mood of the match. I understand why as they want to keep the rivalry going, but I was not a fan of how it ended up. 

Match Rating- C+

Finn Balor vs ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt 

I’m going to be completely biased here, and I am sure I’m speaking for most of everyone here, this was the highlight of the night. The months of the Funhouse episodes and the attacks on these past few weeks on Raw, I have loved it all. This creation by Wyatt has been outstanding and this character has the mystique like that of the Undertaker and it needs to be protected. I will go on to say that his entrance last night was the coolest, yet creepy, in the history of WWE. The new music is a heavy metal of his original theme with him carrying a lantern of his old persona’s head. He destroyed Balor in oblivion and I loved every second. He needs to be built like a unstoppable force and shouldn’t be on every Raw or Smackdown, and hell, maybe even every PPV. As long as WWE DOES not mess this up, I’ll be more than happy. 

Match Rating- A+

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship 

I have a few questions for WWE. First off, why would you put the Money in the Bank Briefcase on Brock Lesnar and The Universal Championship on Rollins just for them to have them flip flop the belt back and forth. Rollins won it at Mania. Brock won the MITB case, then cashed in to win it last month on Rollins to win the Universal Championship, just to lose it last night. For what reason? I am not a fan. Regardless, Rollins is champion once again and it’ll be on Raw every week. The crowd was against him at the beginning but he brought them back on his side by the end. Brutal match, but very ideal of what it was to be. I would have had Wyatt end the show, but Lesnar on last is kind of the normal. 

Match Rating- B

Overall Show

I can’t complain too much about this show as I sat and enjoyed majority of the show. It was much better than TakeOver in my opinion. It started out hot with the Submission match and kept the gas pedal down throughout the night. I’m happy with the match quality, but some booking decisions I questioned. If you haven’t seen SummerSlam, I’d go out of my way to see the show... 

Overall Show Grade- B+

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