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Thomas Fenton Reports: 

Last night’s AEW’s Fight for Fallen live from Jacksonville was a full venue by the start of bell time. The humidity was a factor in the weather much more than the heat itself. I spoke with a few of the talent and they were happy the logo in the ring did not become slippery. AEW made sure their talent and workers were taken care of obviously during the show. A few on site fans I spoke with said that the humidity got worse as the night went on, however, even with the weather, the crowd was very good. If anything, the show went on a little too long. Coming out of the show, positives were seen with the depth of characters as well as setting up All Out. The story-telling of Shawn Spears pinning who Cody could not pin was written beautifully. LuchaSaurus looked absolutely fantastic live and on the broadcast. Jungle Boy was loved and the addition of Marko Stunt is very unique. The stuff with Brandi Rhodes being a face and heel later in the show will be evaluated at a later time. Britt Baker noted on social media she was injured at the show and we wish her a speedy recovery. She got knocked in the head early in the match and was taken care of once she got in the back. Chris Jericho said that last night was an unscripted promo at Fight for the Fallen and had some bullet points that could have gone in any direction. The communication towards the end of the show will be much more improved moving forward on TNT, and let’s remember that this was show 3. 

AEW set up the following for All Out on August 31st: 

-Cody vs Shawn Spears 

-Omega vs Mox

-The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros in a Ladder Match 

-Chris Jericho vs Adam ‘Hangman’ Page for the AEW World Championship 

Last night live from the ECW Arena was also Evolve’s 10th Anniversary show. Some of the big notes after the show was just the fact that if you didn’t know who Austin Theory was, you do now and so does WWE management. While the show was good, it was a showcasing for Theory who Paul Heyman did the ring announcing for. Theory teased “next” (NXT) and I would fully expect Evolve to be on the WWE Network sooner rather than later. Evolve 131 did much better numbers on trends than expected. 

Early Saturday morning, the google trends for AEW and Evolve were very similar, however, this was also done to many fans looking up Evolve because they have not heard of it. Further into the night, Fight for the Fallen took over google trends and was trending number one on Twitter for over 4 hours. 

Tamina Snuka is currently out of action with a head injury. She took an inadvertent knee on Friday night at a house show. 

WWE added Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura on the preshow for tonight’s Extreme Rules. Roman Reigns and The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre will be opening tonight’s broadcast. 

For this event interested in betting odds, Rollins and Lynch are a overwhelming favorite to win their match tonight as of 2pm. 

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