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The 32nd edition of the November tradition Survivor Series Pay-Per-View takes place this Sunday, November 18th in Los Angeles, California. Raw and Smackdown will be having interbranded matches during the event. Below is the updated Card with predictions from Thomas Fenton, Zack Krasney and Ryan McClure. 

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan in a Champion vs Champion Match

Thomas: So much has changed in the past week in regards to this match with the title change and Bryan turning heel. My prediction is that Bryan comes out with a  new look, whether this being a throwback to the American Dragon with a short beard with no beard or with shorter hair. Any time you have a talent such as Bryan, you have to change the look and feel when he turns heel. I have Bryan over Brock here, dirty and with outside interference.

Zack: Daniel Bryan over Lesnar (just because everyone is expecting the opposite) 

Ryan: No contest here to keep both champions strong, possibly an AJ Styles run in. 

 Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair in a Non-Title Match 

Thomas: Shayna interferes and attack’s Flair on the outside with Ronda having the look of not knowing what to do. Ronda picks up the win and sets up the Horsewoman vs Horsewoman match.

Zack: Charlotte with the help from Becky Lynch.

Ryan: Ronda with the help of Shayna, we lead to a Horsewoman match down the line. 

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura in a Champion vs Champion Match 

Thomas: 20 minute match that will impress, Nakamura gets the win with an Ambrose interference. 

Zack: Ambrose costs Seth Rollins, Nakamura picks up the win. 

Ryan: With his feud with Ambrose rolling, expect to see an interference come into play for a Nakamura win. 

The Bar vs AOP in a Champion vs Champion Tag Team Match 

Thomas: This match seems like one of those in which WWE will use to balance the brand wins and could go either way. I’ll pick AOP. 

Zack: The Bar

Ryan: AOP

Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match- Raw vs Smackdown 

Thomas: Simply put, Drew should be the sole survivor and keep his push going. 

Zack: Raw 

Ryan: Raw picks up the win, with Drew being the sole survivor.

Traditional Women’s Survivor Series Match- Raw vs Smackdown

Thomas: No Bayley, no Sasha, this only further leads to a Horsewoman match speculation. These teams leave a lot to be desired. I’ll go with Team Raw. 

Zack: Smackdown 

Ryan: Smackdown 

Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight Championship 

Thomas: Murphy has too much momentum to take the title off of him now. 

Zack: Murphy

Ryan: Murphy

Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match (Pre-Show Kickoff) 

Thomas: These teams are so lopsided, I pick Smackdown for what should be a squash match. 

Zack: Raw  

Ryan: Smackdown 


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