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WWE Survivor Series Results (11/23/14) - Sting Is Here

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WWE Survivor Series 2014 Results
Sunday, November 23, 2014
From Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO
Report by Sean Hopkins of

WWE Survivor Series Kickoff Recap | Fandango Reboot

The show begins with a video package highlighting Team Authority vs. Team Cena. A good amount of screen time is given to Seth Rollins, and a little bit of strife between Vince McMahon and the Authority is shown as well.

The video package is actually really well done, with each guy on both teams having a chance to be highlighted. They're doing a pretty good job at making this main event feel more important.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, a Thanksgiving week tradition. Things go right to the ring as Vince McMahon's music hits, and the chairman struts his way down the aisle toward the ring.

McMahon relishes the cheers of the fans. McMahon gets in the ring, and he's got a mic. He welcomes the crowd to Survivor Series. He says the word epic gets thrown around a lot these days, but tonight will be epic, and he guarantees the fans will never, ever forget tonight. Vince says a reason for that is his daughter and son-in-law. He introduces Triple H and Stephanie, who make their way to the ring smiling widely.

Stephanie gives Vince a hug when she makes it into the ring, and Hunter gives him one as well after grabbing a couple of mics. Stephanie thanks Vince for a warm welcome, and says she feels the love, especially her love for Vince. She says he's given them an incredible opportunity tonight, and they won't let him down. They're going to make Vince proud. Triple H calls for the fans to cheer for Vince, the reason everyone's here tonight. Steph gets a Vince chant going. Vince introduces John Cena, who makes his way out to a very mixed reaction from the crowd.

Vince hands a mic to Cena, and Vince goes over the stakes of the match, either the Authority is out of power, or Cena's teammates are out of a job. Cena asks if the Authority does lose tonight, are they going to be nice and walk out, or will he have to throw them out? Hunter says Cena won't have a good holiday. He'll be personably (he corrects himself) responsible for four men losing their livelihoods. That'll be hanging over Cena's head. Hunter asks if it'll bother Cena, or if Cena's only interested in himself. He says tomorrow, after Cena loses, those guys are going to come in on their hands and knees, begging to keep their jobs, and they'll be fired. Then they'll be ignored, and forgotten. Cena's teammates are the ones with everything to lose.

Steph says that's a lot of responsibility. And Cena knows the fans, once someone's gone, they're forgotten. Stephanie says if by some miracle, Cena's team wins, the Authority won't be directly in charge, but they'll still be calling the shots from Stamford. They'll still be running the show. She asks for confirmation from Vince. Vince says that isn't exactly what he had in mind. If team Cena wins, they're no longer in power. They'll still have their desk jobs, but they'll never have influence over the careers, or personal lives of superstars. And Vince has so much confidence in them, that there's only one person who could bring them back to power. Stephanie begins kissing up to Vince, talking about spending the holidays together with their grandchildren, and Vince knows what's best for business. Vince says he's got so much confidence in the two of them, that the only person who could ever bring them back to power if they lose tonight, is John Cena. The crowd goes nuts.

Cena has a big smile on his face and the Authority looks a bit shocked. Vince says Stephanie's a McMahon, and Hunter married a McMahon, don't let him down. Stephanie tells Cena to wipe the smile off his face. She loves it, because it gives them more incentive to put his team out of work. Adversity only makes her stronger. Cena says he'll spare the details, they'll lose tonight. And they'll be out of power, and the only man to bring them back will be Cena. Cena steals a line from Vince and says there will be no chance in hell before dropping the mic and walking off to the back.

Vince talks a bit to Stephanie and Hunter in the middle of the ring while Cole, Lawler, and JBL run down the stakes of the main event once more.

In the ring, it's time for the fatal four way tag team championship match.

The Uso's are the first team to make their way down to the ring, getting a nice pop from the crowd on their way to the ring.

Miz and Mizdow are out next, and of course, one of the best gimmicks in wrestling is a lot of fun on their way out to the ring. OK, let's be real Sandow is a ton of fun.

Los Matadors are out next, and they get a couple of Ole's, but the crowd doesn't seem to care about them much, at least until El Torito makes his way out.

Gold and Stardust are out last, and Stardust looks pretty cool in a red accented get-up, with red gloves, boots, and facepaint.

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Match
Gold and Stardust vs. The Uso's vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadors

Cole stresses that there will only be two men in the ring at once, and the first man to get a pinfall will win the match for his team. The bell rings, and it looks like Stardust and one of the Matadors will kick things off. Fernando locks in a headlock, and Stardust pushes him off and kicks him in the gut. Fernando knocks Stardust off his feet, gets a quick near fall, and chops Stardust in the chest. Fernando goes for another quick near fall, but Stardust is able to fight back. Miz makes the blind tag and rolls up Fernando for two. Fernando sends Miz into the ropes and jumps to the outside, grinding against Miz's back. The other matador comes in with a senton, but tags right back out to Fernando who gets a near fall, then hits a chop. Miz fights off Fernando and heads to the top rope, but Fernando slams him to the mat. Mizdow slams himself over the top rope to the mat. Miz goes to work on Fernando's arm and calls for a tag to Mizdow. Fernando fights back, and Miz is pushed into the corner where one of the Uso's tags him.

Uso comes in and goes to work on Fernando's arm. Uso tags out to his brother Jey, who comes in and trades chops with Fernando before being low bridged by Stardust. Jey falls to the floor and Stardust attacks, stomping away and hitting him with clubbing blows to the back. Stardust tags out to Goldust who hits Jey with a running knee to the face before locking in a rear chin lock. Jey fights out of it, but Goldust backs him into the corner and tags out to Stardust. Stardust stomps away at Jey, then hits a front suplex that's good for a one count.

Stardust teases tagging Mizdow, but waves it off. Stardust hits Jey with a right hand, and he avoids a roll up by tagging Miz. Miz tries for a belly to back suplex, but Jey tags out to one of the matadors, who knows which one. The matador hits the backstabber, and Jey comes in to break things up.

Goldust clotheslines the matador, and Miz stomps away on him. Miz takes the matador into the corner, and stomps away at him. Miz and Mizdow both pose, with Mizdow getting a ton of chants, and Miz getting a ton of heat. Miz hits the corner clothesline, and tags Mizdow in. Mizdow gets hyped up, but he's tagged by Goldust. Goldust is rolled up by the matador, who trades a couple of roll ups, and misses a kick to Goldust. Stardust tags in and he and Goldust both stomp away at the matador. The crowd really wants Mizdow. Stardust rips at the matador's face before sending him to the mat and locking in a submission working on the matador's arms and shoulders.

The matador fights out of it, and Stardust sends him back to the mat, stomping away at the matador's knees. Stardust stands on the matador's head before tagging out to Goldust. Goldust hits a big right hand, and pins the matador for two. Goldust brings things to the outside where he hits a shortarm clothesline before bringing things back into the ring for another near fall on the matador. The matador tries to rally, but Goldust hits a back elbow out of the corner that's good for a two count.

Stardust tags in and goes to the top rope to hit a sunset flip to aid Goldust hitting a German suplex on the matador. Stardust hits the matador with a head butt and a couple of rights, but the matador sends Stardust to the apron. Stardust shoves the matador on the apron out to the floor and heads back into the ring. Stardust and the matador jockey for position with each looking like they're going for the tombstone, but the matador turns it around into a DDT. Jimmy Uso and Goldust make the tags. Uso knocks Miz out of the corner and hits Goldust with a big Samoan drop before sending him into the corner. Both Uso's hit running hip thrusts to Goldust's face. Each Uso hits a superkick, then both hit a superkick on Stardust. Jimmy is pulled to the outside and Jey Uso runs right into a giant powerslam from Uso, which is good for a two count.

Jey hits a big enzugiri that sends Goldust to the outside, and both Uso's hit the ropes and dive to the outside to take out their opponents. Stardust is up and leaps backwards off the middle rope on the Uso's. El Torito gets in on the fun, followed by one of the matadors. The other matador heads to the top, but he's stopped by Goldust. Goldust tries for a belly to back superplex, and, there's a huge superplex spot as the other matador and Stardust get in on it as well and Goldust and the first matador hit the ring hard. Miz makes the tag, and Mizdow tags Miz, jumping into the ring and getting the three count, and the crowd goes nuts.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Miz grabs both belts and celebrates with them in the corner. Even with both belts, the crowd boos Miz and cheers Mizdow when either hold up their arms in celebration.

We get a video package to hype a live Stone Cold Steve Austin/Vince McMahon podcast before we go backstage where Adam Rose and the Bunny are trying to work out their differences with action figures. Rose tells the bunny to remember his place, and when he found him he was working children's birthday parties. They're interrupted by Slater Gator, who Rose promptly calls party poopers. Rose says all of his followers worship him, he's their hero. Slater says the only power he has is getting upstaged by the bunny. Rose propses a tag team match between Slater Gator, and Rose and the bunny.

The next match is a Diva's Survivor Series match. Paige makes her way out first, followed by Cameron. Summer Rae is out next, and Layla follows her out shortly.

Natalya is out first for the next team, accompanied by Tyson Kidd, followed by Naomi. Emma is out to a bit of a pop from the crowd, and finally Alicia Fox rounds out the other team.

Diva's 4-on-4 Survivor Series Match
Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla vs. Natalya, Naomi, Emma and Alicia Fox

After a bit of arguing, Paige and Natalya kick things off. Natalya takes Paige to the mat, but Paige is quick to turn things around and catch Natalya with a knee to the gut. We get a bit more mat wrestling from the two ladies, and Natalya buries her knees in Paige's gut. Natalya hits a butterfly suplex that sends Paige to the outside, and she follows up with a baseball slide. Natalya heads right to the outside and brings things back into the ring. Paige hits an elbow to Natalya's throat and tags in Layla. Layla misses a leg drop and that allows Emma to tag in. Emma rolls up Layla for one, and then locks in a small package for another one count. Layla gets a two count, then Emma reverses it for a one. Layla scores with a big kick to Emma's chest for another two count.

Paige tags back in and sends Emma to the mat, screaming that this is her house. Paige lays into Emma with a big blow to the back. Paige leans on Emma's back, choking her against the middle rope. Layla scores with a kick to the face before Paige hits Emma with a series of knees to the gut. Paige goes to the top, grabbing Emma by the hair and bringing her up the turnbuckles. Emma fights back and sends Paige out of the corner with a superplex.

Cameron tags in and hits Emma with a kick to the face, and a series of forearms. Cameron sends Emma into the ropes and hits her with a huge slap. Cameron taunts Emma, then sends her face first into the mat. Cameron scores with a suplex, then a splits into a leg drop for two. Cameron ties up Emma's arms, but Emma fights to her feet and out of the hold. Emma gets a backslide for two, then tags out to Naomi. Naomi scores with a kick to the face before wiping Cameron out with a cross body. Cameron kicks Naomi in the stomach, but Naomi comes back with a crazy stunner for a near fall. Things break down with everyone getting a chance to get in the ring and get a couple of moves in. Cameon hits a bulldog on Natalya, and Naomi rolls up Cameron for three.

Cameron has been eliminated

Summer Rae is in, and she's taken to the mat. Even though she screams, Naomi still kicks her in the face. Summer Rae sends Naomi to the mat and stomps away at her before hitting her with a big splash. Summer goes for another splash, but misses, and that allows Natalya to make the tag. Summer stops her cold and sends Natalya to the outside. Summer brings things back into the ring, and Alicia makes the tag. She goes crazy, hitting a couple of kicks before going to work on Layla and Paige as well. Fox hits a cross body on all three of her opponents, sending them to the outside. Fox teases a dive to the outside, and calls her opponents chickens for running away. Fox screams at Summer, who freaks out and tags Layla. Alica takes Layla to the mat, then into the corner. Fox hits a suplex into a pin for two.

Layla scores with a cross body out of the corner, but Fox comes right back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for three.

Layla has been eliminated

Paige is in and she takes Fox down, but as soon as Summer tags in the tide turns. Natalya makes the tag, hits a crazy running up Summer's back move, and continues the assault until she's kicked in the back by Paige. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter, but it's broken up by Summer.

Summer hits knees to Natalya's chest, but she's knocked from the apron to the floor. Paige sends Summer back into the ring where Emma's waiting with a series of clotheslines. Emma is sent into the corner, but she's able to tie Summer up in the tarantula for a bit. Emma knocks Paige from the apron, then hits a running splash to a seated Summer in the corner. Emma locks in a modified last chancery, and forces Summer to tap out.

Summer Rae has been eliminated

Paige is left by herself, and she looks to hightail it to the back, but she's stopped by Emma. Paige takes it to Emma in the ring, bringing her into the corner and stomping away at her repeatedly. Emma fights back, slamming Paige to the mat before tagging out to Natalya. Natalya can't hit a slam, and Paige hits Natalya with a sick kick to the mouth. Natalya comes right back with a huge German suplex. Naomi tags in and goes for a split leg moonsault, but Paige gets her knees up. Naomi's able to connect with the rear view, and she wraps her legs around Paige's head, and slams her head into the mat. Naomi pins Paige for the three count.

Winners: Natalya, Paige, Naomi, and Emma

After the match, Tyson Kidd is up celebrating just as much as the women who actually competed in the match.

We get a recap of Fandango's reboot, and Wade Barrett proclaiming a new era of Bad News Barrett on the pre-show earlier tonight.

Cole sends it up to Renee and the all star panel, Booker T, Alex Riley, and Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman says the stakes in the main event are higher than they were a couple of hours ago, because now John Cena holds Triple H and Stephanie's future in his hands, should he win. But should the Authority win, his teammates will be gone, and what kind of punishment will Cena see? Renee talks about Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, and sends it to a video package that highlights the recent history between these two men, beginning last month at Hell in a Cell when Wyatt interfered during Ambrose's match with Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose is the first man to make his way to the ring, getting a huge reaction from the fans in attendance. It's kind of a shame a man getting this kind of a pop isn't in the main event.

The lights go out in the arena, and Bray makes his way out to the ring with a lantern, while hundreds, and really, probably thousands of cell phone lights glow in the background.

Singles Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

The lights come up, and Bray paces in the entryway for a bit before making his way into the ring. The bell rings, and we're ready to begin.

Ambrose talks a bit of smack before attacking, taking Bray into the corner. Wyatt fights back, hitting Ambrose with a big right hand and dragging his face across the top rope. Ambrose fights out of the corner with a series of rights and kicks to the gut. Bray hits another big right hand and head butts Ambrose in the back. Ambrose flies off the ropes and wipes out Wyatt, sending Bray fleeing to the outside. Ambrose follows and is able to stun Wyatt. Ambrose heads to the apron and hits a giant running forearm to the floor, wiping Wyatt out. Ambrose brings things back into the ring and hits a low shoulder block and an elbow drop. Wyatt is quick to fight back, hitting a flying back elbow that's good for a two count.

Wyatt kicks Ambrose in the back, then takes him into the corner to work him over. Wyatt runs across the ring, and Ambrose is right behind him with a running forarm. Wyatt bails to the floor, and Ambrose leaps over the top rope, right into a right hand from Bray. Wyatt sends Ambrose into the ring steps, then stomps on his hand and arm while they're on top of the ring steps. Wyatt brings things back into the ring and hits a big head butt, and kick to the chest. Wyatt connects with a big suplex, and an immediate senton. Wyatt talks to himself for a bit before going for the pin and getting two. Wyatt locks Ambrose in a full nelson.

Ambrose fights up to his feet and targets Wyatt's fingers to break the hold. Ambrose ducks a couple of clotheslines, but he crashes right into Bray when he tries for a cross body and Wyatt doesn't move. Wyatt sends Ambrose to the outside and he follows, going for a clothesline. Both men swing, and both connect with giant clotheslines, their heads cracking off the arena floor. Both men beat the count into the ring at nine.

Ambrose connects with forearms and head butts before dropping Wyatt with a couple of quick shots and a nice running bulldog. Ambrose mocks Wyatt's spider pose in the corner, then picks him up and eats a right hand. Ambrose recovers, and counters a sister Abigail into a roll up for two. Ambrose sends Wyatt to the apron, and hits him with a running dropkick to the chest while Wyatt's tied up in the ropes, then follows it up with a leg drop from the top to the back of Wyatt's head. Ambrose goes for the pin, but he's only able to get two. Ambrose heads to the top, but he's stopped by Wyatt. Wyatt heads up after Ambrose and hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Wyatt tries for a superplex, but Ambrose won't go down. Ambrose hits Wyatt with head butts, and a big elbow. Ambrose tries for a double axe handle, but Wyatt counters. Ambrose tries for the rebound lariat, but Wyatt counters with a giant urunage. Wyatt pins Ambrose for two, and gets up laughing.

Wyatt heads to the middle rope and tries for a senton, but Ambrose rolls out of the way and rolls Wyatt up for two. Wyatt pushes Ambrose into the ropes, and Ambrose connects with the rebound lariat this time. Ambrose goes to the top and hits an elbow drop on a standing Bray Wyatt in a crazy sight that gets him a two count. Ambrose mounts Wyatt in the corner, and Wyatt brings him out in powerbomb position. Ambrose fights out of it, but he walks into a gigantic clothesline from Wyatt.

Ambrose rolls to the outside, and Wyatt is quick to follow, hitting a urunage, planting Ambrose on the ring steps. Wyatt brings things back into the ring where Ambrose is able to kick out of a pin attempt. Wyatt bails to the outside and calls for the mic. He gets back into the ring and he asks Ambrose why he's doing this. He screams that it didn't have to be like this. He and Dean could've ruled the world together. They're special. Bray is sorry, but Ambrose chose his path. Wyatt drops Ambrose with a giant right hand, and he goes to the outside where he grabs a couple of chairs from under the ring. The ref tosses one to the outside, and Ambrose grabs the other. Wyatt gets down on his knees, and the ref tells Ambrose he'll be DQ'ed. Ambrose stalls, but when Wyatt reaches out his hand, Ambrose buries the chair in his gut, and hits him across the back. Ambrose hits dirty deeds, planting Wyatt on the steel chair in the middle of the ring.

Winner by DQ Bray Wyatt

Ambrose heads out to the floor and grabs a table, bringing it back into the ring. Ambrose sets up the table, then he picks up Wyatt, placing him on top of it. Ambrose heads up to the top rope, dropping an elbow to send Bray crashing through to the mat. Ambrose goes to the floor and immediately pulls out another table. Ambrose slams the table down on top of Wyatt, then hits the table on top of Wyatt with a chair. Ambrose goes back to the floor, and tosses in about six more chairs.

Ambrose tosses in about four more chairs for good measure, and just throws them on top of Wyatt. He heads out of the ring to the cheers of the crowd. Ambrose isn't done yet though, as he turns around and goes under the ring for a ladder. Ambrose slides the ladder into the ring, and the crowd is loving this.

Ambrose sets up the ladder, and the ladder is huge, probably about 12-15 feet. Ambrose tosses another chair on top of the pile that's already on Wyatt, then he heads up the ladder. Ambrose's music hits, and the 'lunatic fringe' stands at the top of the ladder, looking down on his handiwork, and Wyatt buried in rubble.

There are a ton of refs in the ring attending to Wyatt as Ambrose wants to tip the ladder over on top of him. Ambrose finally gives up, and heads to the back, flanked by a couple of referees.

Team Authority is shown backstage, and Hunter says it's safe to say everything is on the line tonight. He doesn't have to say that they've invested everything in this, and so have they. And when they win, the people who benefit the most are Team Authority. More title matches, more fame and money. Everything they've worked for has built to this moment. Stephanie is a little frantic saying they can't lose and the team can't let them down. Hunter says this is one of those moments you hear about, where everything changed for everyone. He asks where they'll stand at this moment in history. He says this is the greatest team ever assembled. There's no one he'd rather have on his team. But he wants them to be aware of what happens if they lose. They won't be fired, but will wish that they were. Whoever takes over will make their life hell. If you're a champion, you won't be for long. If you're not a champion, then you never will be. Hunter says they cannot lose, so tonight, they fight, with no remorse, and no regrets. Like they never have before. Like everything is on the line. You fight tonight like your life is on the line, because tonight it is. He tells everyone to fight, and gets them chanting and psyched up.

Back in the arena, Adam Rose and the bunny make their way out for a tag team match, flanked by the Rose buds.

Health Slater and Titus O'Neil are out next, and Slater Gator don't get much of a reaction out of the fans in attendance.

Tag Team Match
Adam Rose and The Bunny vs. Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil

The bell rings, and it looks like the bunny and Slater will be kicking things off. The bunny gets the fans behind him, but Rose makes the blind tag and sends the bunny to the apron. Rose turns around into a big back heel kick from Slater that sets up a two count. Slater stomps at Rose, then hits him with a series of right hands before tagging out to Titus. Titus catches Rose and hits him with two big backbreakers before tossing him to the side.

Titus tosses Rose into the corner and beats and stomps on Rose. Rose fights back by getting his feet up, and he's able to tag the bunny. The bunny hits a dropkick, then sends Slater to the mat face first. The bunny hops on Slater's chest in the corner before butt bumping Titus from the apron to the floor. The bunny heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick, pinning Slater for three.

Winners: Adam Rose and The Bunny

Rose looks shocked, keeping his hand extended for a tag long after the bell. He looks even more shocked as the bunny does the trust fall, and is carried to the back on the Rosebud's shoulders.

Cole, Lawler, and JBL introduce Roman Reigns, who is joining the crowd on screen, live. Cole talks about Reigns debuting at Survivor Series, and then setting a record in the traditional Survivor Series match last year. Roman says his recovery is going well, and he's getting stronger every day. He says he wishes he was there tonight, and if he was, he would cock his fist, and make it rain in that bitch. JBL says the point is Reigns is not here, and Rollins is. How is Reigns going to feel tonight while he's on vacation, and Rollins may help the Authority extend their power. Reigns says that's a stupid question. He says it doesn't matter who's in power. Team Cena might be out, Authority might be out, but he won't be. Around this time next month, Roman Reigns is back. And you can believe that.

Erick Rowan is shown backstage in the Team Cena locker room. Cena says he's going to make sure tonight isn't everyone's last night. Ziggler says he and Cena have been on the same page, and he'll give everything to make sure he survives. Big Show says everyone believes it's the right thing to do. Ryback says tonight is feeding time, and he's hungry. Cena says there's only one thing left to do. Rowan stands up, and says win.

In the arena, Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring with her personal assistant Brie in tow.

We get a recap of some of the recent events, and history between AJ Lee and the Bella's that led up to this match.

AJ Lee is out next, and the crowd doesn't seem to excited about the idea of this Diva's Championship match.

After formal ring introductions from Lillian Garcia, we're read for the match.

WWE Divas Championship Match
AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

The bell rings, and both women begin circling each other. Brie is standing on the apron with AJ's title, and when AJ walks over, Brie kisses her. Nikki drops AJ with a giant forearm, then hits her with the rack attack. Nikki pins AJ and gets the three count.Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella It's interesting to note that Brie is smiling and holding up Nikki's arm, celebrating with her pretty happily in the ring. Michael Cole updates us that the first match for WWE TLC is booked as Dean Ambrose will be taking on Bray Wyatt in a TLC match. Cole asks who will be in charge? We get a video package for the next match that highlights the Authority's dominance and abuse of power recently, and Team Cena's attempts to fight back against their bosses and rivals. Triple H and Stephanie are the first two people to make their way out, and they stand at the top of the ramp, waiting for the team representing them to make their way out. Kane is the first man to the ring, and Hunter pats him on the back while Stephanie cheers him on. Mark Henry is out next, and the World's strongest man doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans. Luke Harper is the third man out, and he too doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans. Rusev makes his way out next, accompanied by Lana, who carries the US title as Rusev waves the Russian flag on his way to the ring. Seth Rollins is out last for his team, and he gets a bit of a pop out of the crowd, but it fades pretty quickly, maybe because Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury flank him on his way out. Dolph Ziggler is the first man to make his way to the ring for Team Cena, getting a nice pop out of the crowd, who seems like they may not have fallen all the way asleep, yet. Big Show is out next, and he gets a bit of a pop, but it dies off quickly. Erick Rowan is out third for his team, and Luke Harper is shown staring coldly at Rowan from the ring. Ryback is the fourth participant of Team Cena to come out, and he too gets an ok initial pop that dies off pretty quickly. Naturally, John Cena is the last man to make his way out for Team Cena, and just like at the top of the show, he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, though this time it seems a little more pro-Cena than before.Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Match
Team Cena vs. Team Authority
Team Cena make their way into the ring and everyone stand toe to toe. Stephanie, Hunter, Mercury, and Noble exit the ring, and the ref tries to hold everyone apart. It looks like Big Show and Mark Henry will kick things off for their respective teams. Triple H gets Henry pumped up, and Henry turns around and begins talking smack to all of Team Cena. Henry runs right into a big right hand from Big Show, and Show gets the three count.Mark Henry has been eliminated Hunter and Stephanie look upset and shocked, heads in hands. Harper bails to the floor and climbs up, distracting Show and allowing Rollins to sneak in from behind. Show turns things around and hits Rollins with a right hand to the gut. Rollins heads to the middle rope, and Show connects with a chop to Rollins' chest before sending Rollins to the outside. Kane tags in, and Show hits him with a series of rights in the corner before tagging out to Cena. Cena punches away at Kane, hitting him with repeated right hands, a clothesline, and a dropkick. Kane catches Cena with a right and tags out to Harper. Rowan tags himself in the match and screams at Harper. Both men smile, and Seth Rollins tags himself in. Rowan attacks Rollins in the corner, running him head first into the turnbuckle. Rowan picks up Rollins and slams him to the mat, then takes him into the corner. Ryback tags in and slams Rollins face first to the mat before taking him around the ring and slamming him in the corner. Ryback tries for a gorilla press, but Rollins fights out and Ryback settles for a back drop. Ryback holds Harper up in a delayed verticle suplex, then is attacked by Kane with a series of right hands. Ryback hits the Thesz press out of nowhere, slams Kane's head into the mat, and hits a big splash. Rusev tags in, and he and Ryback square off across the ring from each other. Both men throw big right hands, and Rusev gets the better of the situation with a couple of big knees to the chest. Rusev hits the ropes and runs right into a big spinebuster from Ryback. Ryback waits for Rusev to stand, then connects with the meat hook clothesline. Ryback shoulders Rusev, but Rusev fights out, and everything breaks down with everyone brawling inside, then outside of the ring. Rollins hits the curb stomp on Ryback in the middle of the ring, and Rusev follows up with a big side kick to get the three count.Ryback has been eliminated Big Show makes his way back into the ring and stands across from Rusev, running into a kick to the gut. Rusev backs Show into the corner with punches and kicks, but he runs right into a big boot from Show. Show calls for the chokeslam, but Rusev avoids it, and tags out to Harper. Show takes Harper into the corner, slamming him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Show hits a backsplash, but Harper hits a dropkick out of nowhere to retaliate. Seth Rollins is in and hits a series of quick strikes for a two count. Kane tags in and stomps away at Big Show before picking him up for a seated single leg dropkick. Harper tags back in and locks in the gator roll, taking Show around the ring before transitioning into the side face lock. Show fights out with a belly to back suplex, then tags out to Ziggler. Ziggler hits a couple of clotheslines, a splash in the corner, the a neckbreaker before dropping an elbow on Harper. Ziggler goes to the enemy corner, then turns around into a black hole slam from Harper that's good for two. Rollins tags in and beats on Dolph in the corner, stomping away. Rusev tags back into the match and continues the stomp-fest on Ziggler's chest. Rusev tags out to Kane, who kicks at Ziggler's face before pulling him to his feet. Kane hits a splash in the corner, then follows it with a sidewalk slam to Ziggler for another two count. Kane goes right into a modified rear chin lock, but Ziggler is quick to fight to his feet. Ziggler lands on his feet when Kane tries for a belly to back suplex, but Ziggler runs right into a giant boot for a two count. Harper tags in and stands on Ziggler's throat, choking him. Harper teases a suplex, but puts Ziggler back down on his feet, and slaps him across the face. Harper tags out to Rusev, who comes in and buries his knee in Ziggler's midsection. Rusev screams in Ziggler's face, and Ziggler gets to his feet to fight back. Rusev blocks a cross body, then hits a couple of knees to Dolph's side, and drops him with a fall away slam that puts him down for two. Rollins tags in and stalks Ziggler, picking him up to his feet, and immediately dropping him with a big right hand. Rollins stomps on Ziggler's chest, and rakes his eyes in the corner. Rollins beats Ziggler down, then gloats for a bit. Ziggler catches his breath and fights back, but Rollins plants him face first into the middle turnbuckle with an STO that's good for two. Rusev tags in and traps Ziggler in an arm-trapped rear chin lock. Ziggler fights up to his feet and out of the hold, and when he's caught by Rusev, he puts him down with a DDT. Harper breaks up a pin, and Cena hits the AA on Harper. Kane hits a chokeslam on Cena, Show hits a chokeslam on Kane. Rollins wipes out Show, then he's tossed to the outside by Rowan. Rusev kicks Rowan to the outside. Rusev blocks a rocker dropper attempt, powerbombing Ziggler to the floor on top of all of his opponents. Rusev heads to the floor and begins disassembling the announcer's table. Rusev puts Ziggler on the announcers table, and he tries for a splash, but Ziggler moves, and Rusev goes crashing through the table to the floor. The referee begins counting, and Dolph makes it in at nine, but the Authority can't get Rusev into the ring in time.Rusev has been eliminated Back in the ring, Kane stands over Dolph, grabbing him by the throat. Kane tries for a chokeslam, but Ziggler avoids it and tags Cena. Cena hits two shoulder blocks, then a belly to back suplex. Cena hits the ropes and connects with the five knuckle shuffle. Cena shoulders Kane, and connects with the AA. Rollins catches Cena out of nowhere with the curb stomp, and both men are down. Cena and Kane make the tag, and Rowan and Harper are in, immediately trading blows. Rowan hip tosses Harper into the corner, then follows him in with a big splash, and a series of head butts. Harper jumps on Rowan's back, but Rowan fights him off. Rowan connects with a ridiculous spin kick to wipe out Harper. Rowan fights off a chokeslam from Kane, but he's caught out of nowhere by Rollins from the top rope, and a giant clothesline from Harper puts Rowan down for three.Erick Rowan has been eliminated Big Show makes his way into the ring, and Cena stands slowly beside him. Show hits Cena with a huge right hand, and Rollins leaps on top of him for a three count.John Cena has been eliminated Big Show reaches down, and shakes Triple H's hand. Show steps over the top rope and makes his way to the back, getting himself counted out.Big Show has been eliminated Dolph Ziggler is still laid out on the outside. Hunter and Kane stand over him, gloating. Cena looks dejected, walking to the back. Kane picks up Ziggler and throws him into the ringside barricade. Kane brings things back into the ring, hitting Dolph with a huge right hand on the way back in. Kane stomps away at Dolph, then he goes for a quick pin, getting two. Kane tags out to Harper, who stomps on Ziggler, then tags out to Rollins. Rollins kicks at Ziggler, taunting him and telling him to tag his partner. Kane tags back in and seats Ziggler on the top turnbuckle. Kane follows Ziggler up, but Ziggler is able to fight him off. Ziggler hits a cross body, that's good for a two count. Ziggler hits Kane with the Zig Zag, and that's good enough to put Kane down for three.Kane has been eliminated Harper is in with an immediate giant boot to the face, and Ziggler rolls out to the floor. When Ziggler gets to his feet, Harper dives through the ropes to wipe him out. Harper brings things back into the ring, where he hits a big superkick, but it's still not enough to keep Dolph down for three. Harper hits a big sit-out powerbomb, but Ziggler still manages to kick out at two. Harper picks Ziggler up, and Ziggler rolls Harper up for three.Luke Harper has been eliminated It's down to Rollins and Ziggler. Rollins comes in and stomps at Ziggler repeatedly. Rollins tosses Ziggler to the floor, then throws him into the ringside barricade. Rollins picks Ziggler up and sends him into the barricade again. Rollins picks up Ziggler and brings things back into the ring. Ziggler comes up with a roll up, but Rollins kicks out at two. Ziggler hits a giant DDT, but Rollins is still able to kick out at two. Hunter and Stephanie are beside themselves. Rollins crawls over toward Ziggler. Rollins hits a buckle bomb, pinning Ziggler for another two count. Rollins mounts Ziggler and hits him with a couple of rights, then he stands. Rollins heads up to the top rope, and Ziggler is up out of nowhere. Rollins shoves Ziggler off, and Rollins goes for a giant curb stomp. Rollins misses and Ziggler connects with a rocker dropper. Ziggler goes for the pin but only gets two! Rollins stands, and Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag, but can't connect. Ziggler fights off Noble and Mercury, and hits Rollins with the Zig Zag, but Hunter pulls the ref from the ring, and the Authority is in the ring mauling Dolph Ziggler. Mercury holds Ziggler up while Noble screams in his face. Ziggler fights off the stooges and sends Stephanie off the apron into Hunter. Ziggler hits the stooges with superkicks, but misses Rollins. Rollins hits a buckle bomb and misses a superkick. Ziggler hits another Zig Zag. There's another ref down, but Hunter takes him out with an elbow drop. Hunter takes off his coat and lays into Ziggler with a series of right hands. Hunter winds up and hits Ziggler with a huge clothesline. Hunter picks Ziggler up to his feet and drops him with a pedigree. Hunter rolls Ziggler over, and pulls Rollins on top. He calls for one more referee, and Scott Armstrong runs down. Armstrong goes to count, but he's interrupted by STING! Sting's music hits, and the Icon makes his way out! In an incredibly surreal moment, the final WCW star to never set foot in a WWE ring is here! Sting takes out Armstrong, then makes his way slowly into the ring. He stands across from Hunter, staring him down. Hunter circles around Sting, eyeing him and sizing him up. There's a huge amount of tension, and the crowd chants 'this is awesome' for just the stare down. Hunter throws a right, but Sting ducks it. Sting kicks Hunter, and then drops him with the Scorpion death drop. Sting reverses the pin, and places Ziggler on top of Rollins. Sting leaves the ring, and walks slowly to the back. The ref is in, and he makes the count.Winner and Sole Survivor: Dolph Ziggler of Team Cena Ziggler looks a bit shocked as he makes his way to his feet slowly. Ziggler raises his hand in victory, celebrating with the fans. John Cena makes his way out and hugs Ziggler at the top of the entryway before both men walk to the back. Stephanie is shown stirring on the outside, and it looks like the realization is beginning to sink in. Steph makes her way into the ring, and she crawls over toward her husband. She asks Hunter what happened, then says 'we lost'. The crowd chants 'yes' as Stephanie and Hunter watch The Authority crumble around them. Stephanie says they lost everything. They stand, and the crowd begins singing 'Goodbye'. Stephanie is furious, screaming that this isn't over. The crowd chants 'you got fired' at Hunter and Stephanie, and Stephanie flips out. The show ends with Stephanie screaming and throwing a tantrum on the mat, and Hunter trying to hold her close.Click here to refresh this page for the latest updates

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