Survivor Series Buys Less Than 208,000 The Show Did Last Year

Survivor Series 2013

WWE has updated their Key Performance Indicators through November 2013 and in them, they give a buyrate estimate for Survivor Series. While the number is currently unavailable, it is plotted below the 208,000 buys the show did in 2012. Below is a look at the chart:



Official numbers will be available when the company reports their fourth quarter earnings next year.

Richard Reacts: WWE officials were unhappy with the way Survivor Series performed last year and I would imagine they'll be equally unhappy with the way it performed this year. The problem is I could have told you this pay-per-view wasn't going to do well before it even aired. The build was lackluster, the card was weak and the execution of it was even worse. Vince McMahon can say the Survivor Series concept is outdated or give any other excuse but the fact of the matter is WWE didn't present an attraction worth buying.

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