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Survivor Series News On Sting, Expected Outcomes, Reigns

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Survivor Series News & Notes…

- No one from within WWE is confirming that Sting will appear (which is expected) but people that would know indicate that it’s going to happen, barring a last minute change. I cannot confirm whether or not Sting has arrived in St. Louis but I would expect WWE to take measures to hide him from fans if they do in fact debut him at the show.

- The latest betting odds for the show do not feature any clear favorites and indicate Team Cena, Dean Ambrose, The Miz & Damien Mizow, Nikki Bella and Team Paige will go over, but all by close margins. We stopped making a big deal out of betting odds just because I think it’s rather ridiculous but you can follow the numbers at this link.

- Roman Reigns was at the Reno Comic-Con on Saturday and told fans he will likely be back for WWE in late December (we've already reported he's scheduled, so that's accurate, unless WWE changes it). He didn’t confirm an appearance at Survivor Series but we’ve heard he’s expected to be at the show. Obviously, there is a big difference from him being at the show and him appearing on the show but we can only confirm he’s expected to be at the show.

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