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Survivor Series Security Gets Mainstream Media Attention


Security was heightened at last night’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA after a dubious threat the FBI investigated over the weekend about the event being a possible threat for a terrorist attack by ISIS. As we reported, the FBI took a report of a threat seriously but found no credible evidence to suggest an attack was imminent. That didn’t stop Atlanta PD from providing heavily armed officers at the event and more security restrictions to ensure the safety of attendees.

Attendance was not hurt by the threat as 14,481 attended for a legitimate sellout. Many mainstream media outlets were at the venue where they spoke with fans about attending despite reports of a possible threat. On Monday morning’s episode of CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello, fans in “ISIS Fears Ambrose” shirts were interviewed and Costello put Ambrose over as a “WWE fighter.”

There were no issues at the show and it’s nice to see people are not living in fear.

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