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Tama Tonga Tells WWE They Are Open For Business, "Nobody Gives A F*** About Impact"

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If there is one thing Tama Tonga knows how to do other than wrestle, it's get people talking. Tama Tonga has been outwardly expressing his displeasure of Kenny Omega and company using the Bullet Club on Impact Programming and AEW. In his latest video he expresses that he is open to doing business with HHH or Vince McMahon. 

Ain't nobody give a fuck about IMPACT. I got no problems with WWE, no problems. Hunter, Vince McMahon, anybody, we're open for business. You come take care of me and my people, I'm talking about BC and New Japan, let's do business. I have no beef with ya'll like these other cats, building a company just to rival you. Nah, we're New Japan, we've been here. We have no problems. Our gates are wide open, let's do business. WWE, what's good?" 

-Tama on Tama's Island.

This will surely have people buzzing today as just a month ago HHH proclaimed that WWE and NXT is open for business if it makes sense. NJPW is certainly a promotion with a lineage that WWE could work with, without looking down on anyone. It would truly be the biggest partnership potentially ever in wrestling for these two promotions in 2021 to work together and put together a series of dream matchups in the process. 

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