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Taz Thinks Bayley's Injury Is A Work


On the latest episode of The Taz ShowTaz explained that he believes Bayley's injury to be a complete work. Here is what he said:

“I don’t know if she is [hurt], and this is why. What jumped out to me was Michael Cole on play-by-play, as soon as she went outside the ring… as soon as she landed, or came out of the ring, he mentioned her shoulder very quick. You don’t normally do that, unless you know it’s a legit bad injury, or you’re told to say it, or you know where the story’s going. So, to me, that kind of jumped out a little bit. Some would say, ‘well nothing happened, she got thrown kind of underneath the bottom rope and rolled out.’ You can actually hurt yourself. If you land on the side of your shoulder, like right on the side, you can pop your shoulder out.

I also don’t think she’s hurt, legitimately hurt, because they had their social media team and video of her with the trainer doing some mobility tests, and then had her iced up and crying and stuff like that. I don’t think they would have shown those tests while she [was hurt]. I think cameras are off limits when someone’s legitimately hurt, from what I remember about working with WWE. So, where they’re going with her, I’m not really sure.”

H/T: Wrestlezone


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