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Ted DiBiase's Week Gets Worse; Possibly Injured Last Night In Winnipeg

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Ted DiBiase may have been injured at last night's WWE live event in Winnipeg. Various live reports indicate the referee threw up the "X" signal after his match against WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes.

The "X" signal is the universal sign used by referees to indicate a legitimate injury has occurred. However, the signal has been used in the past to sell storyline "injuries." The injury appeared to be to DiBiase's arm.

It's been a rough week for Ted as he worked through food poisoning at Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Las Vegas after eating a bad lobster sandwich. DiBiase noted on Twitter on Thursday he was feeling better but dealing with a sore back. Here's his Tweet:

" data-datetime="2012-01-20T01:35:03+00:00">January 20, 2012

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