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Tensai Defends Lingerie Segment, Richard Reacts

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Tensai defended his horrible segment on this week's WWE Raw that featured him dancing in lingerie:

The segment was awful and I don't mind speaking up about it. These guys need to learn the dignity of saying "no" when asked to something like this. Matt Bloom is a talented worker, whose Tensai character hasn't worked out. However, agreeing to dress in lingerie on live TV does nothing but hurt the outlook of his career and how he is perceived amongst wrestling fans. There are gimmicks that people can't recover from and regardless of it being "scripted entertainment," I qualify this as such.

The segment on this week's WWE Raw with Brodus Clay wasn't funny, not even to the most immature PG fan. I don't know if it's Vince's own immaturity or the fact the creative team is too burnt out to give the undercard relevant material, there's just no excuse for the monstrosity viewers were forced to consume.

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