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Texans Player Wants To Wrestle, HHH On Physical HoF, JR's Raw Thoughts

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WWE Hall of Fame

Texans Player Wants to Wrestle

Houston Texans offensive lineman Brennan Williams has WWE aspirations following his playing career in the National Football League. NESN has the story and quotes Jim Ross from WWE's meeting with the NFLPA a couple months ago. Click here for more.

Triple H Talks Physical Hall of Fame

The Orlando Business Journal has an article online with Triple H talking about WWE aspiring to build a physical Hall of Fame. While Hunter was relatively mum regarding potential plans, he said Orlando is "the first place" the company would look. Click here for more.

JR's Raw Thoughts

Jim Ross has a new blog entry on his official website with thoughts on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Due to computer problems, there are no paragraph breaks but you can read it at this link.

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