The Dudley Boyz Talk About Defecting From TNA Back To WWE & More

Bubba Ray Dudley 2015

The latest episode of Chris Jericho’sTalk is Jericho podcast is up with guests The Dudley Boyz. They speak on a very wide variety of subjects from their time in ECW, why they originally left WWE, their time in TNA, and much, much more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Why did they originally leave WWE? Bubba Ray explained:

”There had come a time where me and Devon had been on tv for almost 5 and a half straight years. Never had been off TV. Had done just about everything we could do then Vince pulled us aside one day and he said I have totally used you guys so much that we just have nothing else for you to do right now. Go home, relax, take a little vacation. 2 months turned into 3 months turned into 4 months and this is when they were talking about the ECW reunion and they thought let's hold them off to have them as a surprise for One Night Stand.”

Were they released like it was reported?

“They kinda lumped us into that Black Friday and said The Dudley Boyz were released also and that was totally untrue. We were negotiating with them and we got really close to coming to a new deal, but in the end we couldn’t agree on a couple of things so we just agreed to go our separate ways. So we just didn’t sign a new deal, we were never released.”

What was the origin of the 3D?

“I said let’s try to take the diamond cutter and turn it into a double team move. So we went down to the ECW dojo, and we had our crash test dummy better known as Spike Dudley take come and take it like a 100 times. At first it was ugly because it was hard to get the timing right, and if you land the wrong way it’s not a pleasant feeling, but eventually it went well.”

Why did they leave TNA?

“The well had run dry, there was nothing left to do there. From a business point of view they weren’t doing what they needed to do to keep the company in the right position and survive.”

How did they feel about changing their name for TNA?

“At first it was like it’s our name, it’s who we are and you’re stripping us of who we are. Then it just got to the point where you can call us Joe, you can call us Mike, but when we’re on TV you know we’re the Dudley Boyz, people are going to know who we are.”

What were they going to be called before Team 3D?

“The original name was supposed to be The Deadly Brothers, and it was going to be Brother Ray Deadly, and Brother Devon Deadly. It was close enough but just different enough. We actually had merchandise made up and everything. About a week before we were supposed to debut for TNA word of the name got out on the internet and I was really, really annoyed that it got out there. I just got pissed and I always knew we had Team 3D to fall back on so I just said screw it, we’ll be Team 3D.”

Bubba on his Royal Rumble return and what it meant:

“It really has to do with the age old adage that timing is everything. I got the phone call about the Royal Rumble. It was in Philly, they told me that my name came up, they thought it was interesting, they gave me the call and said hey would would you like to come back? I said yeah, I thought it was a good opportunity because even though I would have liked to come back with Devon, I said this is an opportunity for me to go back and remind the WWE that the people know who the Dudley Boyz are.”

What are their goals for returning to WWE?

“This is working out pretty nicely. It’s great. I think the mission now is the future of tag team wrestling in WWE. We want to do whatever it takes to help every other team get to the level that we were given the opportunity to get to. And maybe one day see a new golden age of tag team wrestling.”

You can listen to the interview in its entirety at this link.

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