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In part one of this article I discussed the marked improvement in the booking of Bray Wyatt, his reduced exposure as The Fiend plus the build towards his Wrestlemania showdown with John Cena.

The rebuild of Wyatt began with a refreshingly restrained appearance as The Fiend who appeared only to challenge the 16 time champion for a Wrestlemania re-match following his loss six years ago.

Then in the weeks that followed both superstars put on a masterclass in cutting promos with the intense, passionate John Cena coming face to face with Firefly Fun House Bray. If anything the empty WWE Performance Centre only enhanced a captivating segment that was personal and believable as both men looked to seek a psychological advantage ahead of their upcoming war. 

This past Friday Night on Smackdown saw the return of the Firefly Fun House and despite Cena's absence Bray managed to carry the feud with another stellar episode.

The segment began with Wyatt staring at a picture from his Wrestlemania defeat to Cena back in 2014 as he struggled to block out the voices that torment the former universal champion. He went on to create a cocktail with the recipe representing his feelings following his previous failures and burials. Disappointment, self loathing, rage and resentment are the feelings that were instrumental in awakening The Fiend and not forgetting the hot sauce he added (for flavour). Rambling Rabbit felt the rath of Bray as he suggested adding carrots to help see John Cena but despite showing great logic the Rabbit got tossed in the blender as Wyatt's concoction was ready for consumption.

Before tasting his creation he issued a special challenge to his opponent as he challenged him to a Firefly Funhouse match, this was music to my ears and my excitement level just went up another notch.

A sip of the cocktail followed by a Yowie Wowie saw the deranged host warn Cena of the nasty side affect which comes in the form of his alter ego and psychotic monster The Fiend. 

So we've gone from previous Wyatt feuds which were built on attack after attack from The Fiend to having a feud which is built on history, intrigue and fantastic promo work from both superstars. Hopefully this is a sign that WWE has learned from past mistakes by adopting a less is more approach that leaves fans wanting more.

Five weeks have past since their first encounter on Smackdown and we are still yet to see any physical contact between Bray and Cena but with the 'Go Home' episode of Friday Night Smackdown set to air this week I think the time is right to tease an attack ahead of their Firefly Fun House match at the weekend.

I'd book it this way, the sixteen time Champ comes out to the ring and cuts a promo that the Doctor of Thuganomics would be proud of. The lights go out, The Fiend arrives to attack John Cena however to his surprise all he finds is an empty ring, the lights come back on to reveal Cena stood at the top of the ramp giving Bray his signature 'You can't see me!' gesture.

Whatever happens on Friday its hard to fault the build of a match 6 years in the making despite the challenging and unprecedented circumstances. This feud has also played a huge part in re-building "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt with his defeat to Goldberg at Super Showdown already a distant memory. Long may it continue.

Stay tuned fireflies. 

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