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In part three of this article I discussed the near perfect booking of Bray Wyatt following an unbelievably good segement on Smackdown's Wrestlemania 'go home' episode last week.

John Cena cut a typically intense and believable promo, we had an appearance from the Firefly Fun House puppets and the show ended with both sides of Bray Wyatt appearing at the Performance Centre to gain psychological advantage ahead of their hugely anticipated Firefly Fun House match.

Once again there was no predictable ambush from The Fiend and these two stars actually built one of the most anticipated matches of this year's Wrestlemania without laying a single finger on each other. To build that intrigue with zero physicality just highlights the talent on display and I'll say again it's that restraint, promo work and psychology which has been pivotal on this Road to Redemption. 

So the day had arrived, Wrestlemania night two, co-main event and I'm praying that after all the work that has gone in to re-building Bray Wyatt that the Firefly Fun House match delivers a spectacle that will go down in history as his moment of redemption. 

Fan expectation soared following night ones main event as the Boneyard match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles produced a cinematic masterpiece which set the bar extremely high for Wyatt, Cena and the WWE production team.


We start with John Cena entering the Performance Centre as if the match is set to take place in the arena however that soon changes when Bray Wyatt arrives on screen and invites his opponent to join him at the Firefly Fun House where he will face his most dangerous opponent yet, himself.

Cena then enters the Fun House and it quickly becomes apparent that this isn't really a match at all however what they did produce was nothing short of bizarre but equally as spectacular.

Bray proceeded to torture Cena by forcing the sixteen time champ to relive some of his biggest failures, regrets and the moment that started all this six years ago when he refused to put the then 'Eater of Worlds' over on the grandest stage of them all.


First up for Cena was reliving his debut run in WWE when his attempt to meet Vince McMahon's challenge to show 'Ruthless Aggression' fell flat and he was nearly fired from the company.


Reportedly saved only by his muscular physique this led to a highly entertaining segment with both men cutting an 80's style promo as Bray dubs Cena 'Johnny Largemeat'.


Next up we had his run as the 'Doctor of Thuganomics' to reference Cena's lack of consideration for the way his insults and put downs could be detrimental to the careers of others he claims to care about.


What followed was the most pivotal moment in this long term storyline as they relive Wrestlemania 30 and the moment that Cena failed to put over a young star who had the whole world in his hands.


We then had Wyatt portray WCW's Eric Bischoff as he reveals Cena as part of the NWO almost to tease the 'what if' he had turned heel in the same fashion Hulk Hogan did as it seems Cena and the WWE are reluctant to pull the heel trigger.


Flashbacks of his own failures then lead to Cena losing his mind and The Fiend appeared in the middle of the ring to take advantage, hitting the Sister Abigail followed by a Mandible Claw into a pinfall with 'Fun House Bray' counting the 1, 2, 3 for the win. 

This summary doesn't come close to summing up what was another absolute masterpiece, it was literally jaw dropping and I couldn't take my eyes off it from start to finish. Wrestling News World's own @awesomephinatic broke down this epic 'match' and and meaning behind each segment in a recent article which you can find by clicking here.

Watching the events unfold for the first time caught me off guard and was difficult to take everything in, but watching again you could see a story of retribution being told in a way I had never seen before. Then I watched it again and again just because I wanted to.

I couldn't be a happier to write that my faith in "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt has been validated following an epic Wrestlemania moment that saw him come full circle after his defeat at the hands of Cena six years ago. I really hope that the fans who lost faith due to poor booking, overexposure and defeat at the hands of Goldberg can overcome past disappointments to get behind one of the top stars in WWE and 'Let Him In' once again.

As one chapter ends a new one begins and last night's episode of Friday Night Smackdown saw him target new Universal Champion Braun Strowman as he looks to get back the title he lost at Super Showdown. I'm not going to lie I didn't want The Fiend anywhere near the title following previous poor booking however at least a feud with 'The Monster Among Men' has history and makes perfect sense.

Not only do we have the whole Wyatt family history to build this feud, we also have the fact that Braun just won the Universal Championship from the same man who took it from Bray. The Fiend seems to be driven by revenge and retribution however with Goldberg there is no history to avenge or re-write and could explain his lack of drive to destroy the part timer in Saudi Arabia.

The former Wyatt Family members produced an entertaining segment on Smackdown and despite my initial reservations I am excited to see what's next. My hope from this storyline is that Strowman comes out looking like a million dollars but ultimately I want to see Bray inflict defeat on the man he introduced to the WWE (Although Adam Rose may beg to differ) and be successful over a sustained period for the first time in his career. 

The Cena feud should be the blueprint for Wyatt going forward as previous booking mistakes were corrected with emphatic results.

The Fiends overexposure, predictability and over the top no-selling painted the WWE into corner since his first reveal back in July 2019, but the defeat to Goldberg and near perfect booking of the Cena feud has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for 'The New Face Of Fear'.

After Braun Strowman I'd love to see him target former foes such as Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and The Undertaker just to name a few. While I don't want to see a carbon copy of the Firefly Fun House match my hope is that elements of the match are utilised throughout their feuds to build them into historical, psychological, and vengeful battles with Wyatt going on a merciless streak as he seeks retribution. Then save any cinematic, creative and unique matches for special moments such as 'The Big Four' PPV's. 

Then who knows, we may even see John Cena return to execute his own revenge mission and claim that record seventeenth WWE Championship?

To everyone involved in The Fiend’s redemption story, to Bray Wyatt, to John Cena, to WWE Creative, kudos! It's a story, feud and Wrestlemania moment that will live long in the memory and in the words of 'Fun House Vince' "This is such good s**t!" 


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