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The Five-Count: Raw... Is... Building To WrestleMania!

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Only two more weeks! Yes, I have been counting down the days, of course. I've been surprised by the reaction to the WrestleMania 31 build. Some like it, some hate it. I'm really enjoying the build. Yes, there are some things that could be improved, but overall, I think this is a really solid card with decent build. This week had some ups and downs, with more downs than recent weeks, in my opinion. On that note, let's dive in to this week's breakdown!

Superstar of the Week: Randy Orton

You know it's one of those odd weeks when I have to consider Los Matadores as stars of the week... My favorite part of this week's Raw was seeing Randy Orton destroy Seth Rollins to end the show. Like a lot of fans, I was disappointed to see Orton "re-align" with The Authority only to turn a few weeks later. WWE could've easily just had Orton as the full-on "babyface" the night after Fast Lane. Orton had a really entertaining promo to kick off Raw. I don't remember a single thing from the short handicap main event match. Seeing Orton use some non-PG words and giving Seth the finger was the perfect edgy programming we need on the road to WrestleMania. I loved everything about the post-match beat down. Their WrestleMania match will be epic, without a doubt. As for who should go over, I can make the case for both of them. But right now, I can't pick.

Match of the Week: Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, & Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett, Luke Harper, & Stardust (SmackDown)

I thought that the six-man tag team main event match of SmackDown was the best match on TV this week. The match was well-worked by everyone and it was given ample amount of time. I'm a fan of everyone that was in the match, which made this match that much better. This match, and the lack of R-Truth on commentary, made me realize that R-Truth hasn't had much action lately, especially since he was thrown into the Ladder Match. With that said, Stardust feels like a random entrant in this match. I wish we were seeing Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, but once again, we just aren't.

The Highlight: Raw... Is... Building To Mania!

It's not every week that you can say every match on this week's Raw had something to do with the next PPV. It's incredible to be able to say that every match was done to hype a match at WrestleMania! Don't believe me? Look at the results! The first two matches featured participants in the Ladder Match. The Battle Royal, Divas Tag Team Match, and U.S. Title Match were all represented in that order in the middle of the show. A good portion of the third hour was used to build towards what appears to be a multi-tag team match at the PPV for the Tag Team Championships. Bray Wyatt had an awesome segment to confirm his match with Undertaker. The main event of Raw featured the man who should be winning the main event match at WrestleMania, as well as two guys who now hate each other and will be facing off in a singles match? Does this not sound like a good show?

The Lowlight: Wiz(zzzzzzzz) Khalifa

WWE had rapper Wiz Khalifa come to Raw this week to delight us with a thrilling performance that left us wanting more. Ha! Yeah, no, none of that warm fuzzy stuff happened. I was utterly bored with the performance. It's one thing to have Jon Stewart, whose segment with Seth Rollins had mainstream media attention, including a piece on Good Morning America, come in to get that media attention. It's another thing when everyone seems super bored and it doesn't get any attention on the road to WrestleMania. This just didn't accomplish anything.

Talking Point: What Was Better This Week - WWE Or TNA?

I wouldn't call myself a WWE or TNA Mark. I'm a fan that watches both companies week in and week out, through thick and thin. I've been rather pleased with WWE over the last few weeks, but not so much with TNA. Those tables slightly turned this time around. While I thought Raw and even SmackDown had solid cards this week, I honestly felt that Impact Wrestling beat both of WWE's flagship shows this week. Impact had a PPV feel to it with three big matches that really entertained me. And to the fans who complain about WWE constantly, but do nothing about it... you have alternatives. Many of them.

While I have given WWE props for good shows on the road to WrestleMania, this week just felt like it was lacking something. I'm looking forward to a new, fresh week where we will hopefully see developments in Orton/Rollins and the Tag Team Title Match. What did you think about this week? If you watched Impact, did you think it was better than WWE programming? Sound off below in the comments area! You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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