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The Five-Count: The Divas Are Given A Chance

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Another week has gone by, and we are only three weeks away from WrestleMania! The midcard matches have continued to come together quite nicely. Two of the "main events" (Undertaker/Bray Wyatt, John Cena/Rusev) haven't been confirmed yet, but it's safe to say it's only a matter of time. So on that note, let's get started!

Star of the Week: AJ Lee

One of the highlights of my week occurred on this week's Raw when AJ Lee made her return! AJ has always interested me from the moment I saw her and Daniel Bryan flirting on SmackDown in late 2011. I had no idea what she could really do in the ring until 2013 when she beat Kaitlyn to win her first Divas Championship. That reign was very important, and AJ has now added two more reigns alone in 2014. Paige has been alone when trying to take down The Bella Twins, so AJ coming to her rescue absolutely makes sense. Whether it's a four-way or a tag team match at WrestleMania, I'm glad that both AJ and Paige will have a match at WrestleMania if they continue to go with this storyline.

Match of the Week: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte - (NXT)

The main event of Raw and SmackDown this week were very solid matches, but I felt they need not beat the main event of this week's NXT. We've seen Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte several times over the last few months, but this time, it was Sasha Banks that was defending the NXT Women's Championship. All of their matches have been worth watching, because of their awesome chemistry. My favorite singles match from them has to be their show-stealing title match at Takeover: R Evolution. They once again stole the show in the main event of this week's NXT. Banks retained after pinning Charlotte while her feet were on the ropes.

The Highlight: Hot Potato Is Good... This Time!

Fans were complaining about the hot potato booking of the Intercontinental Championship just months ago, and now we are commending WWE for it! Of course, the title isn't actually changing title holders, but it is changing hands. Bad News Barrett looks completely weak and worthless in this story, honestly. He's supposed to be the champion, but doesn't even have control over it most of the time. R-Truth has been absolutely hilarious since the beginning of this. Dean Ambrose is also adding some comedy to it as well. Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler are perfect participants as they just had a Ladder Match for the title at TLC in December. Now, it appears there is one spot left to fill. I have this perfect prediction that I expect to happen, so I'll explain that below in the Prediction paragraph.

The Lowlight: Ryback, Kane, Big Show - SmackDown

Ryback beat Kane once again on this week's SmackDown. Right after the match, Big Show went one-on-one with Ryback and beat him! I don't know if this is supposed to lead to a who's better than who feud between Big Show and Kane or not, but that was just stupid. Kane barely picks up a win nowadays, so why should Big Show?

Prediction: Daniel Bryan vs. Stardust On Raw

Continuing from the Highlight paragraph above... It seems very, very clear that Daniel Bryan will be in the Ladder Match at WrestleMania. It was that clear, until Stardust attacked Bryan and held up the title on the ladder at the very end of SmackDown. There could of course be more than six participants in the match, but it looks like they are, and should be, limiting themselves to only five challengers. The first idea that popped into my head was to have Daniel Bryan face Stardust in a qualifying match on this week's Raw. Goldust comes out and costs Stardust the match, allowing Bryan to win and enter the Ladder Match. This can set up a rematch between Goldust and Stardust at WrestleMania. It's simple booking that should please the fans really.

What did you think about this last week? What are your thoughts on the Ladder Match and my idea for Raw? I'd love to hear from you below in the comments area! You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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