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If you've followed WWE for the past several years, you know that Corpus Christi, Texas is notorious for being one of the absolute worst crowds for wrestling. Typically, the crowd is dead silent, even for some of really great matches or segments. When AEW announced that they would record their final episode of 2019 from the city I once resided in, I was incredibly nervous that the lasting image of AEW Dynamite before a two week break would be a crowd that was super quiet. This was not the case as AEW Dynamite brought the life out of Corpus Christi, Texas for a nice final episode of 2019 for the upstart promotion.

Full Results Below:

Lucha Bros def Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

This was a great match with a ton of fun spots, if you're that kind of wrestling fan that loves seeing tons of fun spots in a match. Hangman and Kenny seemed to work really well together throughout the match until an untimely miscue by Hangman resulted in a buckshot lariat striking Omega square across the face. The Lucha Bros picked up the win. 

PAC really is a bastard

Following the match, Hangman and Kenny argued in the ring and appeared to be headed to a fight in the ring. However, PAC showed up on the big screen and told Kenny that since he was ignoring PAC that he'd show Kenny exactly what he can do. PAC headed into the locker room where Michael Nakazawa was hanging out, minding his own business, and certainly not looking for any physical action tonight. The camera cut away to Omega running backstage to save his friend. Omega was met by the Lucha Bros who attacked him. Hangman saved Omega from the attack, but didn't appear to actually get physical to prevent the attack, adding yet another wrinkle to the Hangman/the Elite storyline that has been built lately.

Cody & Darby Allin def The Butcher & the Blade w/ the Bunny

I don't have too much to say about this match as it was certainly not bad, but I'm not a huge fan of the booking decision here. The Butcher & the Blade just debuted in-ring last week and, admittedly, they were not made to look terribly strong in their debut match, often being upstaged by QT Marshall & Cody. This week, they were a bit more impressive, but the loss sucked whatever air was left in their sails. It seems like the new stable may be headed to a Dark Order like beginning in AEW. 

Cody & Darby winning the match means that Darby may get his wish to rematch Cody. In my opinion, you can look for this match to be added to the New Year's Day show.

Awesome Kong w/ Brandi Rhodes & Melanie Cruise def Miranda Alisay

Squash match. Awesome Kong is strong. Hey, remember when Awesome Kong and Aja Kong faced off in an AEW ring once? That was cool. 

Jungle Boy w/ Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt def Chris Jericho w/ Jake Hager via time limit

The challenge of this match was that Jungle Boy couldn't last 10 minutes in an AEW ring with Le Champion, Chris Jericho. Jungle Boy did exactly that. The story of this match was that Le Champion did not consider Jungle Boy to be a challenge, often stalling and drawing out the match in order to deliver more punishment. Jericho continued his excellent character work and really helped Jungle Boy shine here. At one point, Jericho missed his classic Lionsault only to have one delivered to him by Jungle Boy. At the end of the match, Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho and Jungle Boy withstood the submission for over a minute to earn a victory in the 10 minute challenge. 

After the match, Le Champion threw Le Tantrum and demanded 5 more minutes. Terrified, Justin Roberts granted an unofficial 5 minute overtime. As commentary cleared up later in the evening, Jungle Boy still won the match. Jericho still struggled to beat Jungle Boy in the overtime segment, eventually running to the back only to return to the ring and throw more stuff around. 

This is why you pay Chris Jericho and it's awesome.

Kris Statlander def Britt Baker

We have a new number one contender in Kris Statlander. There isn't much to talk about in the match as this was the latest showing for Britt Baker that frankly just wasn't that great. At times, both women appeared a bit green and lost, however, there were some spots that flowed very well. 

Baker submitted Statlander via the lockjaw submission a few weeks ago in a tag match and she continued to search for that submission throughout the match. Ultimately, her persistence to lock in the submission was her downfall. Statlander reversed the submission into her finisher, the big bang theory, and picked up the pinfall victory.

I want to talk about Statlander for just a moment here. The women's division for AEW is quite obviously their weakest spot on the roster. Statlander has been an absolute revelation for them. As many of you may know, she was rumored to be headed to NXT, but something suddenly changed and she was quickly scooped up and booked on AEW. Then she got over. Then she started winning. And now she's the AEW Women's World Championship #1 contender. She stated in her first promo with Alex Marvez that her mission as to win that title. Let's see if she gets it in two weeks. 

After the match, Brandi Rhodes returned to the arena to attempt to recruit Statlander to the Nightmare Collective. Statlander declined the invitation and received a heel to the eye for her trouble. 

SCU def Young Bucks to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships

This was a blitzkrieg of a match that resulted in some fun spots and awesome displays of athleticism from Scorpio Sky and Nick Jackson. Honestly, when these two teams square up, that's basically what you've signed up for. 

SCU retained in a very quick match full of high spots. The thing to talk about with this segment, however, is what happened after.

Creepers surrounded the ring, trapping the 4 men inside. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson appeared on the ramp and Uno stated that this is not a recruitment as it is an initiation. The creepers then beat down the four men who were assisted by Christopher Daniels, Cody, Kenny Omega, and Dustin Rhodes. Unfortunately, none of this was enough. The initiation was for the Beaver Boys who were recruited last week during a #JoinDarkOrder segment. 

The real story in all of this, however, is that Hangman Page was, once again, absent for the assist. He left his friends in the ring and offered no helping hand as he has done throughout most of the early life AEW Dynamite.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you excited for the January 1st episode? Let us know!

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