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Taking place from Dallas, Texas, All Elite Wrestling brought their latest edition of Dynamite. The crowd was electric and I happened to be in the arena for this show as it was taking place just 120 miles away from my home city.

Full Results (and my own comments) are below:

Moxley vs Alex Reynolds w/ John Silver

The crowd was treated to immediate reaction causing entrance as Jon Moxley made his way through the Curtis Culwell Center crowd to face-off with one half of the Beaver Boys, Alex Reynolds. As expected, this was a very quick match. In fact, the match lasted a total of 14 seconds as Moxley really just needed to pad his record.

After the match concluded, John Silver was in the ring and tried to defend Reynolds who received a "one for good measure" paradigm shift after the three count. Mox delivered another paradigm shift, but for Silver this time, and was shortly interrupted by Le Champion himself, Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho makes Moxley an Offer

The two superstars met each other in the ring. Jericho tells Mox he is coming in peace and wanted to talk for a minute. Le Champion reminds Moxley of their past together, the advice he gave him at the beginning of his career and in his transitional period from his former employer and this one. Jericho then proceeded to offer Moxley a membership in the Inner Circle, complete with a t-shirt. The segment ended with Moxley standing in the ring, contemplating the offer.

The Butcher & the Blade w/ The Bunny vs QT Marshall & Cody

As we discovered last week, The Butcher, the Blade, and the Bunny attacked Cody in the ring two weeks ago due to an agreement with MJF. This week, MJF picked QT Marshall to team up with Cody against his hired help. 

Shockingly, this match was very good. In fact, the crowd was completely electric for this match especially during QT Marshall's shocking amount of offense. Marshall landed multiple high spots, bursts of moves, and Cody (when in the ring) seemingly handled the new tag team very easily.

While the crowd was completely electric for this match, it wasn't something I was a huge fan of because of the baby faces work in the ring. Yes, the Butcher & the Blade ultimately won, but Marshall and Cody handled the pair a bit easily in the ring at times. Marshall had way more offense in this match than I would have hoped and Cody seemingly didn't struggle at all with the unfamiliar foe. I would have liked a more dominant debut for MJF's hired help.

After the match, Darby Allin helped a defeated Cody up showing Cody had at least one friend in AEW. Darby received a huge reaction from the crowd as he typically does since the inception of AEW.

MJF Accepts Cody's Challenge... but there's more

MJF headed to the ring with Wardlow behind him. He talks to Cody and the crowd from ringside. I can tell you first hand, there is nothing quite like the reaction that MJF gets from the crowd. I've witnessed the crowd completely turn up the hatred on him both at AEW events and independent wrestling shows. The last time I saw MJF in Texas, we threw toilet paper at him. This time, we threw profanity laced chants his way. 

This was an excellent talking segment from MJF. He was able to insult the crowd and brought up Cody's lisp to make sure he sunk that dagger of heat in to both the crowd and the audience watching worldwide. MJF accepted the challenge of Cody, but with conditions. The conditions will be revealed on January 1st from Jacksonville.

The Dark Order recruits Alex Reynolds

These Dark Order segments are getting better ever week. This week's vignette featured Alex Reynolds sitting in his hotel room following his quick loss to Moxley. The familiar face from the Dark Order vignettes of weeks passed attempted to recruit Alex Reynolds, addressing him by name. Good segment and more intrigue is building. The group appears to be recruiting the enhancement talent from AEW in order to attempt to change the wrestlers luck and grow the power of the Dark Order.

Big Swole vs Emi Sakura

From what I've read since the ending of last night's show, this match was much better on television than what we saw in person. My vantage point didn't provide a good look at this match and I didn't quite enjoy this match. 

Big Swole had a great television debut and received big reactions from the crowd including her name being chanted. It doesn't seem like the AEW crowd is really behind Emi Sakura which is unfortunate. She is considered a legend in Joshi wrestling by many, but she just doesn't seem to be clicking for the audience, myself included. 

Big Swole picked up the win and showed a ton of athleticism and intrigue. Not a great match, but somehow a great debut for Big Swole.

Kenny Omega and Hangman

Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs Kip Sabian & Shawn Spears

Hangman and Omega have been working together in AEW as a tag team for a good portion of the beginning stages of AEW. The team has been very successful and that continued with this match.

Hangman had a new attitude about him in this match and showed off some moves we were used to seeing from him during his ROH/NJPW run. All four men looked great in this match and the wrestlers woke the crowd back up after a bit of a lull during the previous match.

There were several storyline elements tied into this match. As we've seen in Being the Elite, Page doesn't quite feel like he's a vital member of the Elite. He displayed a bit of disdain toward Kenny, leaving him hanging in the ring for a double high-five. The lights went out and then showed Joey Janela at the top of the ramp with Tully Blanchard tied to a chair, drawing Shawn Spears attention for a backstage brawl.

We also were treated to a display of Penelope Ford's athleticism in this match as she got involved during ref distractions. This was a very good tag match that allowed each of the four men to get some of their stuff in. Omega & Page won, despite a bit of discomfort between the two.

Brandi Rhodes found a bald guy

That's it. That's the segment.

Luchasauras vs Sammy Guevara

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager joined commentary for this match as the Jurassic Express member faced off with the Spanish God of the Inner Circle. This was a speed vs power match that displayed the best of both men's move-sets. I'm not sure Luchasauras is 100% yet after returning from injury, but the crowd didn't seem to care as he continued to receive one of the biggest reactions of anyone on the roster.

Following the match, Hager and Jericho attached Luchasauras leading to a full on Inner Circle vs Jurassic Express brawl. Jungle Boy got the upper hand on Jericho and pinned him in the middle of the ring as Marko Stunt counted to three, simulating a pinfall victory for the winless boy from the Jungle. The ending of this brawl segment added a ton of intrigue to next week's matchup.

Proud & Powerful vs Young Bucks in a Texas Street Fight

Somehow, despite a ton of spots, there isn't a ton to say about this match. Nick Jackson was apparently working with the flu, so the high spots he hit are even more impressive.

All four men looked great here and if you're familiar with Young Bucks weapon matches, you know what to expect. There are a ton of spots, lots of energy, and moments that make the crowd chant and react loudly.

A great moment in this match came as Matt Jackson appeared in the center of the ring wearing a Dallas Cowboys football helmet. Nothing will pop a Dallas, Texas crowd quite like pandering with the Dallas Cowboys. 

Ultimately, the Young Bucks picked up the victory, much to the chagrin of this Wrestling News World writer. I would have liked PnP to pick up the victory, but instead we have the Young Bucks winning and becoming the number 1 contender for the AEW World Tag Team Titles. 

What did you think of this week's AEW Dynamite?

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