The Miz To Be Written Off TV On Monday's Raw?

We reported here on Wrestling News World that The Miz will face Damien Mizdow on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw for “The Miz” brand.

Below is WWE’s preview for the match:

What’s in a name? Clearly, quite a bit. After Damien Mizdow picked up a huge win over his former employer on Raw, The Miz demanded a rematch, but it was Mizdow who upped the ante for their next and, presumably, final battle: Whoever wins on Raw retains the right to the “Miz” brand, including entrance music, catchphrases and attire. Will The Miz lose his “A-lister” accoutrement to his stunt double-turned-assistant-turned-nemesis? What will this mean for Mizdow if he loses? Regardless, the lives of both of these Superstars will be forever altered Monday night.

While it’s unknown if this will factor in the outcome, The Miz is expected to be written off TV soon with Paige to film the WWE Studios production Santa’s Little Helper.

Again, it's unknown if this means anything but it could serve as a potential spoiler and an opportunity to do more with Damien Mizdow this spring.

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