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The rise of “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins has truly been something to behold in WWE over the last six months. After many years of being almost constantly on top, Rollins found himself lost on RAW not too long ago. He seemed to be completely directionless now that he wasn't challenging for a championship and he was even being booed by the fans who had only recently clamoured for him to dethrone Brock Lesnar. Seth's issue was not a lack of effort, not by any means, but more a lack of personality. He was very much a cookie cutter, paint by numbers good guy doling out ra-ra speeches on a weekly basis.

Things seemed to change in a heartbeat though when “Seth Rollins Isn’t Cool” became an actual thing, stemming from a fan made sign in the crowd one night. To say that this affected Seth would be a huge understatement. From this one moment rose “The Messiah.” With an idea of raising Monday Night RAW in his image, Rollins found his new niche and completely reinvented himself.


As mentioned before, Rollins was the most hated man in the WWE late in 2019 despite being portrayed as a babyface. What he did was take the fans’ words and started to twist them to fit his own warped agenda. He suddenly turned on the WWE Universe out of nowhere and started to do what I had always hoped he would - speak the truth. WWE fans have always been incredibly fickle and will turn on the very people that they've spent years cheering if they deem them to suddenly be boring or "not cool" in Seth's case. Rollins lambasted the fans for turning on him and promised that he would show them the errors of their ways.

Despite this interesting new character direction, it was hard to see how Rollins could become relevant again, but boy did he do it! Seth would recruit the returning AOP as well as Murphy to create a seemingly unstoppable stable who would run roughshot over RAW for the next month. He remained brash and loudmouth throughout, singing the praises of himself and putting down all that stood ahead of him. The Messiah entered a great rivalry with Kevin Owens that produced some stellar matches and even got the Viking Raiders more screen time than ever before. Seth's promos during this time were nothing short of phenomenal and WrestleMania 36 became the perfect ending for a rivalry which regularly main evented RAW despite no Championship gold being involved.

Owens went out of his way to put an end to this direction of Rollins at WrestleMania 36. He risked it all jumping off the sign, through the announcers table and beat Seth not once, but twice in the same night. The Messiah clearly experienced a reality check which knocked him down from his ivory tower and left him broken. In this context, Broken Seth was the best "broken" thing that WWE have ever put out (sorry not sorry).

Now all of a sudden, fans are singing the praises of Rollins all over again. After his loss at Mania 36 to Owens, Seth would target Drew McIntyre and challenge for his newly acquired WWE Championship. Seth went on to lose to Drew in a fantastic match at Money In The Bank, bringing to a close Drew's first feud as champion. Seth and his followers now find themselves embroiled in a brilliant, albeit bizarre, feud with Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio. The feud has brought out a very different side to The Messiah, one which has seen him acting unsure of himself and almost unable to understand why he is doing the things that he is. Case in point - the heinous attack on Mysterios eye. It was a horrible, heelish thing to do but Seth didn't gloat in the aftermath. He didn't goad Mysterio. He didn't even celebrate...

He apologised and showed genuine remorse. This added yet another layer to the character, one that clearly showed The Messiah has a conscience and knows when he is doing wrong but will still stop at nothing in the search of his ultimate goal... to purge WWE of the non-believers and the unworthy.


Rollins was really onto something as The Messiah. He had his followers in tow and even had the arrogance to have a stained glass image of himself created, portraying him as some sort of spiritual leader. However, hesding into Mania 36 he was still too cocky and brash to play a convincing cult leader. Coming fresh off that double loss to Owens broke him down and left us with his best version yet. Slow, calculating, determined, angry and delusional. The words he delivered started to come across with much more bite, meaning and with a grizzled, crazed edge to them.

Just when we thought that this group couldn't get any better, Austin Theory was added to the mix. This kid has it all - the looks, the ability, the charisma and now to top it all off he has a ruthless visionary leading him into the future. Theory fits into this group much better than he ever did with Zelina Vega'a faction and the rub from working with Seth should mean big things on the horizon in this rookies career. Seth can now play into the fact that he is shaping and moulding the future of RAW to leave it in safe hands while eliminating those who stand in the way of progress, something he has cited on multiple occasions. 


In Rollins’ eyes, this is a chance to bring his vision for RAW to the highest of heights. Rollins does not want to hurt his opponents, but he wants to be there for the people who made him The Messiah of RAW. Can Rollins continue to lead himself out of the garbage and into the spotlight that was once his not so long ago? If his recent work in and especially out of the ring is any indication, The Messiah will rise above the rest, burning down every single person who dares to stand in the way of progress.

This is undoubtedly the best version of Seth Rollins that we have ever seen. Sure, his snivelling and cowardly heel days with The Authority were fantastic, but this is a different kind of heel altogether. This is a heel who doesn't even realise he is a heel in the first place. Seth thinks that what he is doing is the right thing to do at all times no matter who gets hurt along the way. With rumours that Seth is to add another new member to the group very soon, it seems as though his cult is destined to rule over RAW for the foreseeable future.

All hail The Monday Night Messiah...


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