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 Time is creeping up on us for the Show of Shows which will begin Saturday April 10 and end on night two at April 11! One thing WrestleMania is known for are the stages and this year with a crowd we should get a good one. This post is all about ranking the best Mania stages. A few weeks ago I posted polls on Twitter pitting every  WrestleMania stages against each other to get down to nine and this post is to rank those nine. Started off with 36 of course in round one so 18 matches. Then round two of votes had the 18 go head to head to get the final nine. Now in round two there were some ties and I played the tie breaker, below are the round two ties. WrestleMania 29 tied with the 28 stage and 31 tied with the 17 stage and I went with 29 and 31 to move on. So 28 and 17 are our two honorable mentions. 28 is very similar to 29 with a canopy over the ring but the New York them of 29 I thought was the more impressive and appealing stage. WrestleMania 17 or X7 as it was called is debatably the best Mania of all time but as a stage it had a simple but cool stage but I thought it was too simple to compete with the stage of WrestleMania 31 which was a more extravagant and complex stage. 

Now time for our top nine I will be working down from nine to one so the best stage will be last and of course this is my opinion but the nine I am ranking I got from fan vote. 

9. WrestleMania X8


This one was a shock to me that voters chose it. It went against WrestleMania 15 in round one which I liked more personally but won and in round two against WrestleMania 24 which I thought was going to win but X8 won. Of course there was not a high volume of votes so that is probably why there were a couple ties and upsets but I wanted to try something new. This was the second and last time WrestleMania was held in Toronto's SkyDome. The scaffolding design is unique and it blended well with the entrances on the card.

8. WrestleMania 22


P.O.D playing Rey Mysterio's them song on top of that left platform on the stage and Rey Mysterio joining them then walking down to the middle structure to the floor in his Aztec Warrior ring gear is iconic. It's a cool stage and many other entrances blended really well with this stage.

7. WrestleMania 27


The event was held in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and the event itself was not the best but it had some great entrances and this stage was a big part of them. Here is Triple H's great entrance on this stage.

6. WrestleMania 31


An iconic stage in my opinion that features a grand stage that's focal point was the play button. The four towering posts surrounding the ring were also grandiose in my opinion. Also a largest flat stage that goes into a long and large ramp always appeals to me and are iconic for the big four shows. Also it helps that this event was a fantastic show as well as stage.

5. WrestleMania 9


A unremarkable show but I great concept for a stage in my opinion. I was hoping this one would make it to the final nine but I did not have my hopes up. Many see it as a cheesy stage but the Colosseum and gladiator them is something WWE or WWF at the time had to capitalize on that some point. It was a fun presentation but the small venue and the fact that the event was bad leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many fans.  

4. WrestleMania 30


One of my favorite stages and one of my favorite WrestleManias. The ramp was fantastic it changed depending on the superstar and the huge purple log on the stage was grandiose looking and fitting for the Show of Shows. Many remember Triple H's iconic entrance from this Mania but I think Undertaker's took advantage of this great stage a lot more so here it is. 

3. WrestleMania 29


I love this one with the Brooklyn Bridge design on the stage, the sleek blue colors, and  the Statue of Liberty model above the ring on the canopy. Beautiful stage worthy of WrestleMania. 

2. WrestleMania 34


I love when the stage matches a theme of the city where the event is held. New Orleans is a vibrant and colorful city where the Mardi Gras festival is held and Mardi Gras was the theme of this stage. This stage paired perfectly with the Queen, Charlotte Flair's entrance!

This is the show of show go big or go home and WWE went very big with this one.

1. WrestleMania 33


Is anybody surprised this is number one? A giant ring above the ring, in theory it sounds stupid but looked great and the huge globe, amusement park look and golden arch tunnel is just fantastic. Even the ramp was beautiful. I doubt any stage will ever top this one. 

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