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I will gladly criticize the WWE for things that don’t make sense (ex. Retribution), but they finally have listened to a gripe fans have had for months now: Otis winning the Men’s Money In the Bank briefcase. Fans have super short attention spans when it comes to storylines already, but I still am of the feeling that this took too long to develop. They do have the clause where the briefcase could be cashed in anytime over a year, but for months there didn’t feel like there was mention of it. Recently the feud between Heavy Machinery and The Miz & Morrison culminated in a match last night at Hell In A Cell where the Miz would get the MITB briefcase from Otis if he won, which he did after Tucker turned on Otis.

So now Miz is on Monday Night Raw with the briefcase and although I still don’t think anything happens with this until they are in front of a crowd, the Miz is such a loudmouth that it will be in our faces for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this move:


Let’s start with some negatives so we can end on a happy note and definitely not to entice you to keep reading toward the end. One con for me with this storyline in general is just “what happens now?” Obviously that is something we are going to have to wait and see on, but is he going to rub it in Mandy Rose’s face on Raw? Is Tucker going to somehow feud with Otis cross-brand? Is Tucker going to try and form a trio with Miz and Morrison? You may be wondering why this is a con because those all maybe sound like viable option. The problem is I don’t think any of them work. The best way for this to work out is for Miz to go on Miz TV as Morrison’s guest, interview about his victory, and then literally leave everything behind him. Don’t mention Otis anymore, don’t mention Tucker, don’t mention Mandy, just start teasing cash-ins. I think it would be great if they do Miz TV often, do even have a countdown timer to when he has to cash-in by to let everyone know that he is going to methodically take his time.

Another con here doesn’t even have anything to do with Miz. The con is just that it effectively negates everything about Otis. They moved his girlfriend to Raw, they moved his tag team partner to Raw, and then he lost the MITB briefcase. I think this is the right move, but I don’t know that you needed to have Tucker turn on him to do it. With a turn like this, it didn’t have the feel of the typical “this is the end of our tag team” turn. It felt like this one is going to linger, and I think that’s a con because either a) Tucker goes back to SmackDown and you didn’t need to break them up, b) they feud across brands which is going to negate the draft and brand split existing, or c) Otis moves to Raw and then that’s just another storyline to just switch days of the week. Hopefully if anything they use Survivor Series as the platform to stop this storyline once and for all.


I’m only going to list one pro, but the pro is that this literally has the chance to solve every issue and give potential to every idea people were trying to come up with for Otis. Miz is going to flaunt that he has the MITB briefcase, he is going to tease cash-ins, and he is going to come up with sneaky ways to get out of a failed attempt. Keep in mind Miz was the MITB briefcase holder back in 2010 and cashed in on guess who Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship. If you haven’t seen how the McIntyre/Orton matched wrapped up from last night, I’ll give you a guess on who won and why it is relevant.

The only title that it doesn’t make sense for Miz to go after would be the US Title, at least not while Bobby Lashley is holding it. He and Morrison could cash in on the tag titles, Miz could cash in on the WWE title, or if Maryse has any interest in making a return for one final run, it would make total sense for him to let her use it for a Raw Women’s Title opportunity.

Again, it’s not all praise here as I do think this move took too long to happen, but now that it has, look for the cash-in teases to start tonight on Raw and look for the Miz to really run with this opportunity and show why he is still one of the best in the business at long-term storytelling.

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