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Yea I get it, Revolution was the name of the Pay-Per-View last Sunday, but to borrow a phrase out of Ricky Starks’ entrance music, the revolution will be televised

The Wednesday March 10th edition of AEW Dynamite was the true revolution. It feels like everything has seen a refresh and will move forward in a new and exciting direction. AEW have a tremendous track record of post-ppv episodes of Dynamite being awesome and this was certainly no exception. 

Let's take a quick look through some of the most revolutionary moments from the show!

Fresh Feuds! 

We knew that coming out of revolution that the Young Bucks would be feuding with Pac and Fenix of the death Triangle. I’m VERY excited for this moving forward as their athleticism is off the charts insane and this is a slightly different version of the iconic feud of the Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks which I definitely enjoyed.

Speaking of Lucha Bros, it looks like Penta is primed for a singles push following the Face of the Revolution ladder match and now jaw-jacking with Cody. I also really like the inclusion of Alex Abrahantes in this. Penta gets to spit Spanish-fire at Cody and we get Abrahantes translating for him. Being a translator is a great way to make him a smug heel alongside Penta especially when he can throw his hands up and say he’s just a translator. He definitely has the range to hold his own in this!

Fresh Faces


With Dynamite featuring both Maki Itoh and Ryo Mizunami I might have the chance to eat a little bit of humble pie. I was trashing the women’s tournament for not establishing new players, but here we are with an excellent worker in Ryo and everyone’s new favorite Maki Itoh looking like they will be players in the division moving forward.

We also saw more from new signees Ethan Page and Christian Cage. Page had a very good match with Lee Johnson marred by some awful audio stream issues with TNT. Christian on the other hand put himself firmly into the sights of Kenny Omega and stared him down. He ultimately grabbed the AEW title which is hopefully like touching the Stanley Cup...if you touch it before it’s yours you won’t win it. 

Fresh Alignments?

Scorpio Sky turned heel on the show adding yet another singles wrestler on the heel side. It was pretty much telegraphed by his extended absence from TV, gotta come back with something different! Though he didn’t win the title I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Sky in the TNT title picture. I’m excited to see what he can do moving forward!


AEW also cemented Eddie Kingston’s face turn on Dynamite. A pairing of Mox and Kingston is a massive force to reckon with, though I hope the goal is just support, not to become a tag team. Please don’t have challenge for the tag belts for quite some time if that really is the plan. 

A Fresh Faction!

When the supposed main event of Sky vs Allin ended with about fifteen minutes of TV time left you just KNEW something was happening with the Inner Circle. I have been enjoying this slow burn of a feud and I’m very happy with the payoff tonight. We saw MJF try to take the Inner Circle over only to learn they’ve been loyal to Jericho the whole time. MJF then gets the best cocky smile on his face and says he’s been building a group of his own, and the lights cut.

We’re then shown Wardlow, Shawn Spears, FTR, and Tully Blanchard in the ring. Man I marked the f*** out for this! This creates a HUGE faction war story moving forward that I’m going to fantasy book next week. 


So, what’s really changing from here?

There are two huge changes that I would like to highlight from the episode. 

The first and most obvious is that there is a massive new main-event worthy faction war that features exactly ZERO “Elite” members. There was a lot of talk about how “of course the Elite are featured in the big matches” when the Inner Circle vs Elite feud was really building. Well, Covid cancelled Blood and Guts and now the Elite aren’t a functioning faction any more. I really like how there is a faction other than Dark Order for The Inner Circle to go up against in this. The two sides are so perfectly balanced as well, except the new guys have the trump card of Tully Blanchard in their corner! I also LOVE that neither are face or heel, at least yet.

Also, just look at the payoff for Wardlow. Yea, MJF is the leader and mouthpiece, but Wardlow will be the star from this whole feud. JR has been putting him over BIG since his debut, constantly saying he’ll be a world champion. This whole beat down, getting to do his knockout knee strike and then power-bombing Jericho off the stage made him look like the monster he is and the STAR that he will be.


The second and more optimistic change is the focus on the Women’s division. They got a really fun six-woman tag match on the show but it was announced that next week we’ll see Jade Cargill in action AND that Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker will main event the show in an Unsanctioned Lights Out, Anything Goes match. We get to see two women’s matches, which is a huge treat! Especially given that “in Action” usually means a glorified squash with a post match feud starting angle. But the really big news is they will MAIN EVENT Dynamite for the first time ever. That’s huge. These are the perfect two women to get that first spot light. Sorry, Shida, but you’ve gone rather cold and this feud is better than any you’ve had in your reign! I hope this will be the momentum builder that Britt needs to challenge and dethrone Shida for the AEW women’s championship!

So much has changed, so much has progressed. This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite was the real revolution. I simply CANNOT wait to see where this goes!

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