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The Rock Puts Over Nia Jax; Speaks As Her Cousin & Mentor

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Nia Jax

The Rock recently used his official Facebook account to put over his cousin Nia Jax. Jax told Rock that her goals are "greatness,” while Rock called her a future WWE Diva and predicts "big things" for her in the future. You can view the full post below.

Pleasure having my cousin and future WWE Diva Nia Jax come thru the #IronParadise.

As her mentor we talked for hours about her goals and the hard work it's gonna take to achieve them. I asked Nia (real name Lina Fanene) what her #1 goal is and she simply said, "greatness". Y'all know I had a big ass smile on my face when I heard that!

I told her don't worry about championship titles and don't be concerned about becoming famous, just always remember that the most powerful thing you can be IN AND OUT of the wrestling ring, is yourself... All 5'11 272lbs of beautiful, Samoan, German, authentic, savage, humble, hungry dominant woman. Be real, be you and greatness will come. Y'all KNOW she then cracked a big ass smile too.

You guys keep an eye out for my cousin.. one day she'll do big things and she'll do it with class and humility and more importantly, she'll do it just being herself.


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